Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New arrivals ..... A tad disappointed

Yesterday afternoon I noticed the new arrivals were finally up on the JC site. I was pretty excited to see them, as I had high hopes for some interesting prints and cool basics. As it was my birthday and I had a 20% off code, I'd convinced myself that a small order might be a possibility.

Hmmm. Good news for my bank account. There's really not much that's my style or budget in the new arrivals. I'm not a fan of pastels - they really don't suit my colouring. Neither am I fan of lace or overly flowery prints. It seemed to me that most of the new arrivals are a combination of the above.
I was really hoping for some paisley prints or darker colours, but most things are pale or neon.

So, only a few things stood out as possibilities, but even these items are too $$, in my opinion.

First, this cardigan. I like the colours, but think it's probably a bit too thin, what is 'gauze' anyway? Also, at $102 on the Aus site, it's a bit pricey.

Next, this shirt. It's distinctly Isabel Marant-ish. Perhaps a bit girly and unstructured for me too. Indigo Floral Popover:

Jewelled sweatshirt. Looks interesting. Really doubt I'd wear it much.

Raffia Stripe pencil skirt. Love this, but doesn't come in Petite sizes, and is a staggering $317!!! I'd want it to cook me dinner for that price!

Finally, this deeply impractical cashmere sweater. For some reason, I reckon this would get worn a fair bit. It's almost neon, if the picture is true to life, and it's really rather garish, but I want this. But not for $335. Really hoping this will be on sale soon. Surely very few people want a day-glo sweater?
So, I guess the sensible options for me are to either use the voucher for either black Minnies or Pixie pants, or be a total saint and Not Use it At All. The jury's out right now. Any thoughts or advice? Thanks for reading!


  1. Jeweled sweatshirt escaped me. I will have to take a better look this weekend.

    Since you are heading into winter down there, you should be able to snag some amazing deals on the winter coats right now.

    1. Rose, you're right. I've already scored some amazing bargains for the upcoming autumn/winter - see my very first blog post! I'll keep stalking the sale and see what else pops back!

  2. I also really like the raffia skirt!

    I agree with Rose, you might be able to snag some winter items at a steep discount, and apply the 20% off on them.

    1. I think that's a great idea. Thanks for visiting and commenting!

  3. All looks very nice and saintlyness is overrated when it comes to shopping. Thanks for sharing the code .

    1. It's cold and rainy here today, so I'm very focused on wintery clothes!
      Are you going to get anything?

  4. Happy belated birthday ruth!
    I was thinking about the striped cardigan too,but in the close up it looks so thin.
    The indigo floral popover intrigued me too,but i think it is too floral-y for me.
    Nice picks!

    Concerning the minnie pants,i am 5f 2" and take the regular length.They fit really nice.

    1. Thanks Ina! I'm still pondering the Minnies/Pixies.
      Good to know that the 00R fit you. I have 00P and they are really short - and I certainly don't have long legs lol!