Saturday, February 23, 2013

Wish list, questions and ootd

Seeing as my crutches and leg boot are preventing much in the way of style in my life, I thought I'd indulge in a bit of fantasy shopping on J Crew. I often play this game on the Net-à-Porter site, where I add all the items I would love to splurge on to my wish list. It's a futile exercise, as my budget barely extends to the cheapest items on NAP, but still, it's fun to dream.

As we know, the J Crew site doesn't have a wish list function. It's a bit irritating, really. Nevertheless, since ankle surgery, I've spent a fair bit of time adding items to my shopping bag on the JC site. It's highly unlikely that I'll be able to afford the cashmere items below unless they are massively reduced, but I adore the colours.

The Pixie pants are something that I keep almost buying, but I'm a bit horrified at the price. Are they worth it? Any reviews of them? They look as if they'd be quite flattering, but would I be better off buying black Minnies? What do you think?

The blue pencil skirt is another piece I would love, but having already bought the Clover Tweed and the Pixilated Houndstooth (hasn't arrived yet), I'm thinking it would be overkill to get this as well. Unless there's some huge extra % off.

Finally, a pic of today's crutch-friendly outfit: JC blue 5" chino shorts and black singlet. I was also wearing a JC factory cardigan in a flowery print, but it was 29 degrees C so I took it off. By my side is a green Tillary bag bought on eBay.

Hope you're having a fab weekend!

J Crew Collection cashmere windowpane check cardigan

J Crew cashmere shell in microcheck

J Crew Pixie pants

J Crew no 2 pencil skirt

Here's a pic of the cardigan


  1. Hi Ruth,my list is a mile long too:)
    Did you see Michelle Obama wearing the windowpane cardigan? It looks beautiful on her.

    Love your green tillary bag!

    Have a great weekend too!

    1. I hadn't seen the pic - thanks for linking it below!

      My wish list is getting longer and longer. This is what happens when I'm not at work all week long - more time to surf the shops!

  2. Just saw that michelle is actually wearing both pieces above!
    Check it out here.

    1. How bizarre! I must share some psychic sartorial taste with M Obama! She looks great in it!

  3. Good ol' Sydney I see still charming people with her graffiti. I have been all about mint lately and seeing it with light blue might have added fuel to the fire.
    My husband is on a business trip to US at the moment, he was sent off armed with my shopping list should he should he have time to spare. I hadn't noticed that shell on the site so off I go to have squizzie. Hope the weather isn't too hot and sticky, it doesn't get more frustrating than itching under your cast.