Thursday, March 28, 2013

A J Crew bargain!

A while ago I was pondering the relative merits of two styles of J Crew pants: the Minnie pants and the Pixie pants. I got a lot of very useful information from the wonderful J Crew Aficionada blog, and here. The general consensus is that they're both great. I have a couple of pairs of Minnie pants in purple and red, but they are both Petite sizing, and therefore very cropped. I don't mind this, but I really wanted some slightly longer pants for winter.
The feedback I got on both styles made it even harder to choose between them. The Minnies are less legging-like, the Pixie pants apparently have magic corset-like properties for the belly.
The price of both pairs is high at full price: approx $135

I finally decided on the navy Minnies in my usual 00, but got regular instead of petite for extra length. They were on promo, and I got the extra 30% off.
They've arrived and they're great, very chic and suitable for when I need to look a bit professional at work. They're also a good length, hitting right at my ankle. The only downside is that the regular size seem to be bigger in the hips and waist, so they are a touch baggy. I'm keeping them anyway, as I can get them tailored a bit at the waist.

I couldn't afford to get the Pixie pants as well as the Minnies (and to be honest I really think that they are overpriced), but thought I'd stalk eBay just in case I could get some cheaper.
Imagine my excitement when I found some in 00 for $29!!
Fingers crossed they fit, but really, for that price I won't be too bothered if they don't.

I'll post some pics and a comparison review of both of them once they arrive.

Hope you're having a good long weekend if your country has one!


  1. I cant wait to see the pics after you got them altered.
    That is a lucky find for the pixie pants:)

    I got my striped boyshirt and the citrus print shirt and both prints are keepers!

    Enjoy your long weekend!

    1. Great to hear your shirts are good - looking forward to pics soon?
      The pixies were a total bargain, I think because they didn't have "Pixie Pants" in the title so perhaps didn't show up in specific searches...

  2. Btw. did your dress arrive yet?

    1. It has arrived but it's at work so I don't have it yet. Will review it as soon as I have it!