Friday, March 1, 2013

Crutch chic ....

..... Or what on earth can I wear to go out for dinner on my birthday?
Sydney is having one of its mad weather moments. It's gone from being a sultry 32 degrees C to a brrrrr 16 degrees with squally showers. This has completely ruined my outfit plans for my birthday dinner tonight. We're meeting a group of friends at a fairly local restaurant and I'd planned to wear a skirt/cami/cardigan combo, which is crutch-friendly and looks not too awful with the leg cast and glam running shoe.
However, the shitty weather means I've had to re-think my outfit. I can't get my regular jeans/pants on over my ankle, as it's too sore, so the only options for cool weather bottoms are soft leggings. Not my one of my usual choices for going out!
So, how to make some daggy ole leggings and a leg cast look a bit more interesting? The cool weather means a possible outing for my new J Crew slim trench:

You can't see in my rubbish photo, but I'm wearing a black Acne dress under it. The dress is old, bought in Copenhagen in 2008, but is super comfy. It's a bit black though.....

My next option is the coat with an Acne shining blouse under it. The blouse is a dove grey silk chiffon. I quite like this, but think I'll be too cold without a sweater on top.

Here's the blouse with a couple of recently acquired J Crew sweaters. Cashmere boyfriend and Merino boyfriend. Hmmm. Think these look a bit sloppy over the blouse, and I feel as if I'm only half-dressed wearing the leggings.

Final outfit (it's really tiring getting in and out of clothes when you can't stand up!): Scanlan & Theodore silk jersey dress bought 4 years ago. Scanlan & Theodore are an Australian label that I love, but their prices are ridiculously high these days. This dress is lined in cotton jersey and is beautiful mosaic print. My useless iPhone pics really don't do it justice. I'll probably wear it with this old jean jacket or the J Crew coat. I'll add some J Crew enamel bangles and a navy cashmere scarf.

close-up of fabric:

So, that's my outfit sorted. I can't wait until I can wear 'normal' bottoms and shoes again. If I weren't on crutches I'd wear this dress with my old, slightly battered Acne Pistol boots or some even older Dries Van Noten 70's style knee high boots. Oh well. Must be patient...


  1. I read a lot about the acne label,but i never tried anything from it.Even thoug hi cant really see the blouse and the black dress,i am sure they are very nice.
    I would be so,so impatient if i couldnt have my regular pants!

    Hope you had a great dinner,despite outfit problems:)

    I always wonder what time it is when i read you blog,because i just got up and you must soon be going to bed.So funny!

  2. Thanks Ina, we had a great time!
    I used to buy quite a lot of clothes by Acne. Even though I'm petite, their jeans fit me really well, and I love their boots. I have three pairs that I've bought over the years. The past two years I haven't been buying so much, though, as the cuts are getting boxier and a lot of things need too much tailoring to fit.
    Apologies for my awful photos. It's really hard to take them on crutches. I'll try to take better ones in the future!

  3. mmmmmmmmmm sexy castboot wow but i can not to see your sexy toesies xoxo