Thursday, March 21, 2013

Dress lust.....

I made the mistake of checking out the sale items on J Crew last night. They usually upload new items just at about 9:30pm Sydney time. Convenient!
I'm not sure if I've even seen this dress before, but last night I spotted it in my size.
It looks to be a good, basic shift style, and I love both the purple and coral colour.
I ended up ordering the purple one.

J Crew V-neck Wool Crepe dress
Has anyone got this dress? Any reviews or thoughts? Hope it's not awful. I'm hoping it's not quite as short on my 158cm frame.... although I'd probably wear it with opaque tights so it wouldn't matter too much. Plus my job isn't one that requires a particularly conservative style of dress. In fact, I could probably rock up in a vinyl mini and no-one would notice (well, students might!)

Nice orange version

I've also been perving this dress, since Gigi reviewed it here
J Crew Multistripe dress

I won't be ordering this, though, unless it's reduced quite heavily.
Have you succumbed to any sale or new items?


  1. It does look very chic. Especially on Winnie the model, I call her that because I first remember her from the winnie dress. And so it is my blog is called Jscrewed because online shopping has messed with my mind to the point I know and name the models and commit dress names to memory.

    1. Winnie the winsome model!
      I'm not quite up to speed with my J Crew nomenclature yet, but I'm getting there.....
      Will post pics of it once it arrives and I'm of my crutches.

  2. You are a bad girl,haha.(and i am too).
    I think i saw a review somewhere that it is very short,but i forgot where.Since You are petite i dont think it will be too bad.

    Since i returned the boyfriend fatique i bought two things:the striped boyshirt and the cirtrus print perfect shirt.Hopefully the oranges will not be ugly:)

    Have a great day!

    1. Hi Ina, I found a couple of reviews on Gigi's blog and Just another shopping blog.
      I think it will be fine on me - my knees are not my strongest point, but it can be worn with tights!
      Looking forward to hearing your reviews of the citrus print and stripey shirt. Sorry the jacket didn't work out?..

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  4. hi ruth,
    I have this dress in purple in size 0. the color is beautiful!!!!it's prettier in person than online. I am 5'3" and 113 pounds and this dress is not too short on me. The v-neck is deep so I plan on wearing with tank top or white button down. I tried on all 3 colors this came in and the purple was just stunning!!!! you will LOVE this dress!

    1. Thanks so much for commenting, ladybug007! I'm just a bit shorter than you, so it sounds as if it will be perfect! I'm very glad that I got the purple.
      Excellent. I don't feel quite so bad for getting it now!!!

  5. Hi ruth, I tried on the navy version of this dress and it was pretty but I didn't buy it. I found it a bit too short (I am 163 cm) and also the sleeves were itchy as they were unlined, but then I am sensitive to wool. I think the length should be fine on you. Looking forward to your review!

    1. Thanks Louise, good to read your review. I think the length will be fine on me. I'm a bit wool sensitive too, so hope I can cope with the sleeves....
      Will review it once it arrives!