Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter outfit with no boot!

Today was my first day walking without the boot. It's been 3 days since I've been able to weight-bear/walk, but I've been wearing my boot to do that. Today it came off, and I've graduated to ugly running shoes plus a crutch. Exciting times!

I honour of the occasion I wore purple J Crew Minnie pants and a red J Crew Jackie cardigan.

About 65kg of chocolate has been consumed (the Easter Chicken visited our house), and a mocha cake has been almost demolished.

Hope your Easter has been good if you celebrate it. We don't celebrate Easter as we're not Christians. We do like eating, though, so we celebrate Food, Family and Friends.


  1. Outfit looks good and the food too.
    We are celebrating Easter and the kids are about to look for their baskets.
    It is still cold,but at least we dont have any snow like other parts of germany!

    Do you know what i can do to fix the problem with the feed?
    I checked my setting and they seem to be fine.
    My blogposts dont show up in anybodys blogroll,its really discouraging.

    Off to look for the baskets..............

    1. Hi Ina, hope the rest of your day was good.
      Sorry, I can't help with the blog issue - I'd contact their support people and ask what's happening.

  2. Yay for getting the boot off! I'm sure you must be thrilled to be back into a regular shoe again, even if it is just a running shoe. :)

    We do celebrate Easter, and the boys just found their Easter baskets. Lots of chocolate here, too! We already attended our Easter church service, and my parents will be coming over a little later for dinner. Enjoy the rest of your day!

    1. Hi FFM! Hope you had a lovely day with your family!
      I'm so pleased to be wearing shoes, even running shoes!
      Little by little I'll improve and be able to wear proper shoes, I hope.
      Thanks for visiting!