Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I must be going crazy... J Crew wants

Yet more new items for Spring on the J Crew site. I'm like a moth drawn to a light... unable to stay away even though I may get burnt.

Here are some things that caught my eye. It's almost Autumn here, so I have no need of new summer raiment. Nonetheless, I managed to find goods to the value of almost 2K to buy. I really must be totally Mad. Or bored. Probably both.

Colour mix statement necklace $228
This necklace looks nice. I so rarely wear jewellery that there is absolutely no point in me even considering this. My friends would all think I was bonkers, too, if I rocked up wearing it. Still, there's something about it that makes my silly mesial prefrontal cortex go "want!"

Colour mix bracelet $135

This would go so well with the above. Want!

beach ball bracelet
This bracelet makes me hungry just looking at it. Not sure why, as it's supposed to look like a beach ball.

Sparkle Dot dress $245
I'm a bit worried about this girl's posture. Perhaps the weight of the knowledge that this dress is overpriced is causing her to collapse?

Collection Crepe Shift $383.50
I love the colour and shape of this dress - it's the sort of thing I would definitely wear a lot. However, for this price I would expect a wool or silk/wool mix. But no! it's Triacetate/Poly! Yuck! I can just imagine the foulness on a sweaty day. What a disappointment!

Tippi sweater in Pop Art $130
I really love this. Someone talk me down.

Collection Cashmere in multistripe $328
This is also lovely. But very $$$

Collection cashmere in candy stripe $328
I think this would look great, but probably not on me. I still love it though.

What are your thoughts on the new stuff over at J Crew? Do you have any lusts?


  1. I just checked the website and there is tons of stuff i want.
    The bracelet and the neclace you showed-omg-i need it!
    The striped popover,the dree dress,striped cashmere sweaters and i dont even want to think of the total bill:(
    I thnk i need to sell some stuff on ebay to fund my addiction,haha.

    1. Hey Ina, it is crazy, isn't it.. That silk popover is very nice! I'm shocked how expensive some things are. I'm also cross that we don't get 25% off on the International site.
      I won't be ordering anything from this rollout ass I'm Ina spending ban until May. Eek!
      Thank goodness I can admire everyone else's stuff in the blogosphere!

    2. There is free shipping on the international site:)

  2. Lovely things, and beautiful colours... but I've gone off J Crew a little due to quality issues. Their stuff is reasonably expensive, but the quality is not there. Things aren't lasting me long enough. It's a shame, as I love the designs, and they're very different to the things that you find locally. I'd probably be looking at one of the necklaces on sale though.....!xx

    1. Hi Heidi, yes, that's a pretty common complaint these days. I agree that a lot of things are overpriced and poor quality. However, it's just about the only company that makes clothes that fit me without major tailoring. I'm a tricky size; short with very narrow hips and super short limbs! Their pencils skirts and petite fit jackets are perfect on me, whereas most high street clothes here in Aus need tailoring.
      I rarely buy things unless they're reduced, and happily, so far I've had no bad experiences.
      Thanks for the fab post yesterday - already obsessing over mirrors and bathroom fixtures!

  3. We have a lot of similar picks!!! Like you, I'm totally loving that first necklace. I just love the colors in it!!!

    1. Hi Rynetta, can't wait to see what you get! I won't be getting anything, so need my vicarious thrills from you guys!

  4. I can't talk you out of any of those picks because they are good uns' but if you needed to be talked out of spontaneous shopping I can always photograph myself in my townhall dress. At the time of pushing submit order I was pretty sure it was what my wardrobe lacked. Now I just look at it in puzzlement.

    1. Jude you must post this townhall dress!
      Sounds very intriguing indeed!