Sunday, March 3, 2013

Presents for the family

I was gripped with an uncontrollable urge to take advantage of the 20% off code at J Crew which expired today. I can't justify anything else for myself, but thought I'd get some stuff for my partner and kids.
For my partner: a Slim bird's eye indigo denim shirt.
For my daughter: some toothpick jeans, some red pyjamas and an initial necklace for her upcoming birthday
For my son: some pyjamas and a French terry hoodie

I did sneak a navy blue vintage tee for myself, so it wasn't an entirely selfless exercise!

Are you ever gripped with a strange urge to shop Just because you have a discount code?


  1. Oh I was still online. The sterling skirt is slightly A line. I love it so much I have it in 2 colours. Did you get a promotion from J Crew in Oz? We got 20% of all sweaters but I saw on Gigi's blog they 20% off tees and shorts. Off to go and look at sweaters even I have put myself on a buying ban.

  2. Sounds as if I'll be stalking Sterling skirts!
    I used the 'insider' code for the fam presents.
    The site has now switched to 'layerup' for 20% off sweaters, so I guess the shorts and tee code is just for N America.
    I need to get a handle on myself and Stop Shopping. It's lucky I'm starting work again next week as it might keep me as bit more occupied so I stop looking at shopping sites.

  3. Codes always get me too.I feel like i cant "waste" it and have to use it.
    Did you see the new code for sweaters?
    I am going to sit this one out!

    1. I'll be sitting it out too. I've been quite ridiculously profligate in my spending this year so far. Now I need to rest my credit card!

  4. I've been better lately at ignoring codes. Lucky for my wallet.