Friday, March 8, 2013

Weekend away

We're away this weekend with some friends staying at their beach house 3 hours South of Sydney. Even though it's Autumn here, the weather is still perfect: 27 degrees C with blue skies. It's such a treat to get away, and even better to be able to lounge around in their amazing house, which is super spacious and ideal for crutching around, compared to our cramped inner- city terrace.

In these pics I'm wearing my crutch and cast-friendly J Crew 5" shorts in the new blue shade and I'm using my green Tillary bag as a handy shade for my iPhone.

Hope you're having a relaxing weekend!


  1. Can i say envy??
    Love the lush vegetetian in the background.
    I always wear the 5" shorts too(in the summer).

    Enjoy your weekend!!!!

    1. It's such a beautiful spot! You can gloat in July/August when it's cold here and you're on some lovely summer trip!
      The 5" shorts are great.

  2. Replies
    1. Yes! Callala Bay - no swimming for me due to cast, but a beautiful weekend nonetheless!