Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Outfits and dinner

Work is back in full swing, leaving not so much time for blogging and reading of blogs.
It's getting cooler in Sydney, around 25 degrees c for the past couple of days, with chillier temps in the morning. Daylight saving has ended too, so it's dark much earlier.

Yesterday 's outfit - comfortable due to ongoing ankle discomfort: J Crew Pixie pants ( eBay bargain for $29), Zara top, Lover by Susien Chong jacket (local Sydney label), Jenny Kee scarf and my trusty runners.
The pixie pants are fantastic; comfy and flattering. The 00 are a touch loose, but that's better than having muffage!

Dinner: delicious organic grain fed beef, braised fennel, broccoli, red peppers and sourdough bread. Yummy!

Today's outfit: J Crew Minnie pants, Equipment blouse, Jenny Kee scarf artfully arranged to hide a stain on try blouse, Zara neon tweed jacket and old Mulberry bag.

J Crew orange bangle.

Hope you're having a good week.


  1. Love the Jenny Kee scarf. My mum had a huge sarong sized one back in the 80's... must go and see if I can dig it out. Like your red pants, and hate muffin tops too, so a little looseness around the waistband is a good thing! xx

    1. Oh you should definitely look out your mum's Jenny Kee scarf! Her prints are amazing. I'm embarrassed to admit I have three JK scarves and am eyeing up another!
      Loose waistband are a Good Thing!

  2. Love your outfits,esp the one with the pixie pants!
    I think i will them soon too:)

    That Zara tweed jacket looks georgious,i that a recent find?
    Havea great day and hopefully your ankle will be better soon!

    1. Ina, I think you'd love the Pixie pants. They're so comfy, and I think they'll be versatile. They will, of course, look much better once I can wear proper shoes and boots!
      The Zara jacket is from last Summer. I got it in London last July on sale for about $25!
      They still have them in our local Zara, but I think that's because we're a season behind here in Aus!

  3. Your dinner pics make me hungry(its about lunch time here).

  4. The pixies look great. I guess it helps to be pixish. Wine yummo!

    1. Thanks Jude! Wine was, as always, very fine!

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