Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Expensive cosmetics. More purple and yellow.

Today I went to a special event at my local make-up emporium.... It's called Mecca Cosmetica, and for those of you in the UK, it's a bit like Space NK. I guess it's like a very small version of Sephora (for N American readers). If I wasn't typing this on an iPad I'd link to their website so that you can see the type of items they sell, but I'm afraid you'll have to google yourself as I can't link for now.

Anyway, I occasionally buy a posh lipstick or other make-up item from them, and also buy my perfumes there, as they stock Serge Lutens and other niche scents. I love the staff and it's always fun to pop in. Tonight, I went to an event with a 'famous' make-up artist from Hourglass (I love this brand of make-up very much). Of course, I'd never heard of this make-up artist, but I went along and had my face done. I should have prefaced this post by saying that I don't really wear much slap on a daily basis, usually just eyeliner and lipstick, with perhaps a bit of tinted moisturiser if I'm feeling blotchy. I despise heavy make-up on me, so was a touch worried about how it would turn out. I've had some pretty bad make-up done in the past!

Well, I am stunned by how good it looks. She used a bit of tinted moisturiser, some amazing 'magic' powder that makes one look airbrushed and just a bit of eyeshadow! I am thrilled with how natural it looks.... Sort of like a better groomed and softer focus me. 

Truly awful pic of me looking vaguely crazed, but you may be able to get the general idea. Not too heavy at all.

As always at these events, there's an understanding that you'll buy some of the products, but I was pleasantly surprised that the Hourglass women didn't try to sell me much at all. In fact she advised me to see how I felt later and come back another day if I liked the products. I'm such a soft target, though, that I ended up buying some magic powder and a lipstick. The powder is pretty fab... It's called Ambient light in shade 'dim' and it has the effect of making one look as if one is hanging around in dim candlelight. Great for blurring the wrinkles!

All of this did get me thinking about how much $$ it can cost to buy all the stuff that one supposedly 'needs' to look groomed these days. Some other customers at the event were spending a LOT of dosh. I'm a bit of an old cynic about all the amazing claims that are made about cosmetics, and I really don't think I could fathom spending $100+ on face cream that i doubt will make any difference to my skin. However, I'm a total sucker for a new lipstick (or magic powder!!)

How about you? Are you minimal or maximal with beauty spending?

And just in case you were missing my crappy loo shots, here are some pics of this week's outfits so far:

Purple J Crew dress, yellow Gorman coat, Jenny Kee scarf, black suede Daniele Arancani boots, yellow J Crew bangle. I am loving yellow at the moment.

Black Country Road knit, J Crew pixelated houndstooth skirt, pink scarf, Lover leather jacket.

In other very exciting news, I went back to my regular yoga class last night after a 12 week absence due to ankle surgery. It's the longest I've been absent since I started yoga 14 years ago. Even after childbirth I only missed 10 days!!
It was great to be back, and I was amazed at how much I could do, considering the trauma my poor ankle has been through. It was bloody hard, though. Humbling to realise how quickly the body loses muscles, but very inspiring to see how quickly it can come back, too.


  1. I am more minimalistic too when it comes to my skincare and make up.
    My skincare is all Kiehls and my make up mostly bobbi brown and laura mercier.
    I never heard of the Hourglass brand before,but i like what she did on you,its very pretty and natural.

    Good for you to start yoga again! I kickbox and i when i had to stop during pregnancy and after,it made me so unhappy,because i am "addicted" to how i feel afterward.
    Is this strange?

    1. I really like Bobbi Brown too, Ina, but it's very expensive here.
      I know what you mean about being addicted to sport/exercise. I hate most sport and the gym etc, but yoga suits me perfectly.
      I am so sore today, though.... Too many push-ups and balances!

  2. I think you look a beauty! Not sure if you recall my post on my NARS makeover in NYC in early March - this products were amazing and the makeup artist i had was not hardsell at all, though I have since ordered other product and I just love it! OMG - I really love that pixilated skirt... I have to go see if they have an 8.... and yay about the yoga!

    1. I do remember that post, Wendy! I think it was perhaps one of the first posts of yours that I commented on, so soon after I discovered the world of blogs!
      Your Nars makeover was fab!
      Dd you get the pixilated skirt?

  3. That is so weird that you are talking about Hourglass as well - one of my best mates was telling me I needed to go get Hourglass at Spacenk. Everyone is saying it really helps. I might try it out - your skin does look good. natural but even tone and all.

    I used to be the biggest pushover ever!! But now to be honest, I do a mix of weleda, french pharmacy and a few others. Although a gift with purchase can do wonders!!

    But the best "makeup" is a vitamin c injection - its a bit drastic but it does make the skin glow so for a big event that is the trick...

    1. vitamin c injections? I've never heard of them! Are they in the face or just a normal injection? Will go off and google in a bit.
      Hourglass seems to suit me - I love their lipsticks very much, and the tinted moisturiser.

    2. they go into the vein but honestly it gives a glow like nothing else - in the UK it is so pricey that it is really reserved for weddings and the like plus it gives so much energy!

    3. Wow! I think I need a regular course of these!
      Am going to email a Sydney clinic tha does them to see how much they cost.
      Doubt I'll be able to afford them, but you never known!

  4. Hi Ruth, you look fabulous!

    Nowadays, I keep my makeup and skin care fairly minimal. With 2 small children to care for, there's very little time to devote to a beauty routine. I just wear Jane Iredale pressed mineral foundation, blush and some sheer lipstick. I have looked at Hourglass before and the packaging is really pretty. I haven't tried any of the makeup line though, as I noticed that all the liquid foundations and foundation primers are silicone based, but I must go check out this 'magic dust'!!

    Good for you for going back to yoga - so glad to hear that your recovery is going so well!! Also love the outfit shots in the loo. The leather jacket with the pixelated houndstooth skirt is a brilliant pairing.

    1. Thanks Louise! I thought of you as I was buying my magic powder, wondering whether Hourglass gets your seal of approval. Is silicone bad? I love its texture on my face!

      The micro fibre towel is great, BTW. thanks for that recommendation!

  5. I love a leather jacket with almost anything.
    Funny that you're posting about the magic powders, they're in my local stores and I've been trying to picture self by candlelight. Image that keeps popping up, though, is Hyacinth Bucket at one of her candlelight suppers.....

    1. Me too, WFF. It's particular jacket needs re-lining as it's been worn for the past 6 years on high rotation.
      I'm chortling at the image of Hyacinth!!

  6. Australia has something sephoraish? We have arrived. Maybe a little late and small scale but arrived nonetheless. I am not makeup person, a little goes along way on me and anything more than a little makes me look clownish. What I do use I get from UNE and moisturizer is trilogy rosehip oil. You look great. Hope you're heading for a great weekend.

    1. Yup! Very exciting! Zara, Top Shop.... Whatever next? Maybe we'll get Uniqlo, Muji and J Crew one of these days!
      Mecca has been around since the late 90s, I think.... Certainly since before I had kids.
      I love to go in and muck around with all the lipsticks etc.
      they're very generous with samples, too!
      Have a good weekend too!