Friday, May 17, 2013

No J Crew shopping update

Some of you may have read my post 'Back to Work' at the beginning of May saying that I was going to try to go cold turkey on the JC purchasing for a whole month. Well, I am pleased to report that so far I have succeeded. Yes, not one J Crew purchase has passed my shopping cart into checkout!
This is in spite of J Crew sending me a discount code for 20% off and free shipping! Oh I am just a model of discipline and fiscal moderation....

One of my best friends, crocheter par excellence, c, is off on a business trip to New York next week, so my ban may have to go on a slight pause. It would be too sad to miss a potential bargain!
Having said that, there's very little I want or need on J Crew at the moment. It's getting colder here, so summer duds are of no use.

Today the J Crew Sterling skirt made its debut. I bought this in February on super sale for about $65, but it's been too warm to swear it until now.
For reference, this is a size 00 petite ( can't believe such a size exists) and it is a perfect fit on me. It's a touch smaller in the hips than the number 2 pencil skirts that I own, which is a good thing for me. I'm a bit lacking in the hips and bum region.

I'm wearing it with a black v neck sweater, leather jacket, Sportscraft scarf, J Crew bangle and .......  

Drum roll.......

Fendi shoes purchased during ankle-gate at 80% off.
I walked to and from work in running shoes, and the foot was a bit miffed at them, but no damage seems to have been done. It was thrilling to wear heels! (Albeit chunky, 3" ones)

It's been a foul, busy and long week at work. TFIF!!

Hope you are having a better week than me!


  1. Go easy on the heels though! remember not to get too swayed...they do look fab though. But you offset it with the j crew ban hehe

    00? I thought that was just a number on the roulette wheel! I don't think I was a 00 even when I was 5!

    1. It is truly insane, the extent of vanity sizing! I should be a US size 4 or so - when I lived there in the 80s I wore a 4 or 6. I really haven't shrunk in any way, but somewhere in the last 25 years, sizes have gone insane.
      00 is the size babies wear when they're 6 months or so!

  2. i like the heel of those shoes! I never thought - you are always a season behind I guess because of the northern/southern hemisphere thing, but you must get some awfully good deals now and then! I know I should buy cashmere for fall right now but I can never bring myself to do that!

    1. The heel is great - red and chunky and not too high!
      We are a season behind ( or ahead!) here.
      It's great for shopping online!

  3. The Fendi heels are perfect to wear with pencil skirts!

    I am also on "official" jcrew pause and even though my husband flies back to the states beginning of june-no more stuff for me.
    It is to cold here for the season and i havent worn all my goodies yet.
    Hopefully when we drive to italy at the end of next week,we will have nice weather. I just cant get used to the german weather:(

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Oh I hope them weather improves for you! Europe seems to be having a terrible Spring so far.....
      Stay strong with the j crew! The discount lasts until the end of June, so perhaps there will be lovely things in a month or so when your budget is replenished!
      With any luck, that envelope clutch will be on sale, too!

  4. I LOVE this skirt on you!!!! And, super yay for sticking to your shopping ban!!!

    1. Thanks Rynetta! The colour is so lovely!
      I haven't been so good at not shopping in general... But J Crew hasn't been one of my destinations!