Sunday, June 23, 2013

Rainy beach weekend, playing with fire and J Crew Fall pre-orders

This weekend we went down to the South Coast of NSW to stay with our friends at their amazing beach house. Usually, the weekend revolves around cooking, eating, going for walks to work up an appetite and repeating. 
There's usually a fair amount of boozing too. This weekend was no exception.

Bread and Mead. Saturday brunch. We also had home made salmon fish cakes with a selection of C's pickles. She is the pickling queen!

Even though it was cold and squally, we managed to get a couple of walks in.

In the evening, I cooked a lamb shank tagine. J cooked couscous and aubergines with chermoula, as well as Swiss Chard with spices. No pics, as it was too dark, but here's a pic of me after rather too many glasses of McClaren Vale Shiraz.

The boys made mini hibachis and cooked bacon on them. They also had the brazier going, so despite the 7 degree C weather, we sat outside being somewhat loud til late.

Walking off the hangover.

All in all a great weekend. I love weekends with friends and family, just hanging out and eating.

On a slightly more fashion-related topic, I've been eyeing up the J Crew Fall stuff on their website. Some of the items are available to pre-order, so I fired off an email enquiring about the price and availability of the items below:

This morning I got a reply from the lovely Tiffany, a Very Personal Stylist, who thanked me for 'reaching out' (what kind of bizarre phrase is that? I was just enquiring, not instigating a full-on relationship) and sent me the following information:

The Collection Palma Sweater (Style #03329)

·         Offered in 1 color (Moss Indigo Guava) - sizes XXS-XL

·         Expected Release: August 2013

·         Tentative Price: $498.00


The Collection Topper Coat in Printed Wool (style #04909)

·         Offered in 1 color (Yellow Multi) – sizes 00-12

·         Expected Release: Late September 2013

·         Tentative Price: $1,200.00


The Collection Iris Pencil Skirt in Chichimila Tweed (Style #05256)

·         Offered in 1 color (Neon Orange Multi) – sizes 00-12

·         Expected Release: Early October

·         Tentative Price: $475.00


The Collection Mila Jacket in Chichimila Tweed (Style #05840)

·         Offered in 1 color (Neon Orange Multi) – sizes 00-12

·         Expected Release: Late October

·         Tentative price: $TBD


The Collection Zelda Cashmere Crewneck Sweater (Style #08152)

·         Offered in 1 color (Burgundy Violet Blue) – sizes XS-L

·         Expected Release: Mid-November 2013

·         Tentative Price: $458.00

I must say, I do love the Palma Sweater (that's the very Dries van Noten - esq mosaic sort of design sweater) but I'm not sure I love it enough to pay almost $500..... I'm going to see if it's cashmere or not. 

The jacket is beautiful too, but I can't justify $1200.

The other items are arriving a bit too late in our winter to be worth buying at full price, so I will wait to see if they ever make it to sale later in the year.

Did you have a good weekend? I hope your weather was better than ours!

And, are you intrigued by any Fall pre-orders? Will you be splashing the cash on J Crew?!


  1. oy vey - too rich for my blood! Glad I didn;t "reach out"...

    1. yes, shockingly expensive, I though.
      But everything is so pricey in Aus that perhaps the shock isn't quite so bad for me....

  2. The prices get crazier with each rollout:(

    For me i will wait,because Atlanta has very mild weather and the winter pretty much consists of january and february not going under 0 degree celcius. Love the topper coat,but wow what a price!

    We have a quite weekend with my husband trying to relax a little before leaving again beginning of july.
    It has cooled down again with no real warm weather for the next 2 weeks.

    1. Those prices are mad, aren't they? It's almost as if they are making them up on the spot...

      You'll have no need of winter clothes in Atlanta! Mind you, sydney rarely goes below 10 degrees and yet I'm freezing!!

      Hope the next month goes smoothly and calmly for you, Ina

  3. That new US phrase, 'reaching out' is driving me crazy, it is so infantilising, as if we are all babies reaching out for our bottles, no we are asking questions J Crew.

    Bread and mead- what a combo, what does mead taste like?

    1. There are a whole lot of phrases and made-up verbs that drive me mad. 'Going forwards' 'Socialising a document'.... blah. It makes me want to cry.

      Mead is like alcoholic honey! Perfect on a cold day!

  4. Wow, those prices are crazy! At that price point, I'd be looking at mid-level designers, not J. Crew.

    Looks like a fabulous time was had by all. I have always wondered what mead tastes like. You look gorgeous in that photo!

    1. You're right, although mid-level designers are often more $$ here.... I'm horrified, really. J Crew is pricing itself out of my market, and I'm not particularly price-sensitive!

  5. Those prices are completely ridiculous. I'd be investing in real designers at that price level!
    What a fun weekend you've had! We're having an extremely warm weekend, I had to do the gardening before 9am so I wouldn't faint of heat.

    1. Dani, you are right. 'Real' designers are often not quite my cup of tea, though. Not to mention beyond my budget. I can sort of afford $500 for a sweater, but not over 1k which is the cost of a lovely Dries knit I saw the other day.
      I guess Australia is just very over-priced... I'm so jealous when I see the price of things in the US.
      Doing business in Australia seems to be a licence to mark-up your items by at least 70%.

  6. Ha! You look very merry but also very happy...we are finally warmer than you but not by much...those prices are a bit steep. Am very confused about j crew to be honest!

    1. So am I Naomi - they seem to have stepped over into another league... not that I dislike any of these items - to the contrary - that coat is wonderful as well as the Palma jumper. As for the South Coast indulgences.... I can relate - we are here at the moment and it is ALL about comfort eating .... but not too much drinking!! xx

    2. I think J Crew is trying to lift itself into the mid-range designer level, rather than being a high street brand.
      I'm no expert, but it would seem that the Collection stuff is aiming for that mid range kind of market.
      Of course, as mentioned above, in Australia, everything is so overpriced that we're obviously seen as being an ideal market for inflated prices!

    3. Jenny, it's so beautiful on the South Coast.... I don't even mind the rain when we're there!
      Hope you're staying warm and dry and eating lots of delicious food!

  7. What could be better than friends, family and food? Those crazy prices just mean I won't be paying attention or money that way, no need to feed my closet that badly.

    I love homemade pickles (about the only kind of pickles I'll eat). And homemade salmon fish cakes? I am drooling ...

    1. C's pickles are stunningly good - she will pickle almost anything, given the chance!

  8. I just can't believe you're closer to 50 than 40... you've got the best skin! Looks like a fab weekend away. I'm with Tabitha - that whole "reaching out" thing is just stupid. It's like you're flailing and need their help to survive. Not asking a question about a possible shopping purchase...
    All items quite pricey though - haven't bought Collection before. Is it worth it? xx

    1. Aha! my skin is due to the new cream that I bought after Naomi's post on French pharmacies!! It has made me look 5 years younger.... but seriously, it's all due to the magic of instagram's lovely filters.... my skin is alright, but that pic gives it a nice glow that I wish were there in real life!

      I'm not sure about Collection stuff being worth it. The butterfly skirt is Collection and to me, it was worth it as it's a beautiful, fairly unique print. I doubt I'll see it on any others in Sydney.
      J Crew's Cashmere, however, isn't great. I think Skin & Threads or Brora are far better in quality. J Crew do excel in their prints and colours, though.

    2. I have't liked their cashmere at all - just doesn't last the distance and I'm throwing it out 2 years later. The collection pieces also seem to be often collaborations with well known niche shirtmakers etc... supposedly brings a better quality, but I was curious as to whether it actually does. I must say I tend to baulk at expensive prices with J Crew, I just don't think of them as mid range designer at all (more like Country Road here). I do love that butterfly print skirt of yours, definitely a good buy.