Monday, July 29, 2013

The shoe saga concludes and old school J Crew

Today the replacement shoes from Net-à-Porter arrived and I decided to keep the size 37s.
Considering I'm usually a 35 or 36, it's safe to say that they do not run 'true to size' as the NAP website claims.
Anyway, the size 36.5 are going back for a refund and I'm now the proud own of a pair of cobalt blue pumps, complete with built in foot gels to make them more comfy:

Excuse the poor light. They are a far more vibrant shade in better light. 
I doubt these will ever be my comfiest shoes, but they do lift my spirits and make me smile.
Here they are with a J Crew Tippi, and an old school (by my standards) pencil skirt from Summer 2011.

The shoes are almost exactly the same shade as the sweater.

Here's a pic same with black tights and Fendi shoes. 

And a final (very dark and rubbish) shot of the shoes. 

Phew. I'm glad I've made up my mind to keep them. They are a great winter mood enhancer!

How's your week going? Any excitement or new shoes?

Friday, July 26, 2013

A couple of outfits, j Crew and shoes....

I've had a very busy week.
Inspired by Wendy's lovely outfit, I wore my Monarch scarf Yet Again!
It is indeed a wardrobe workhorse!
I'm not sure if this outfit is on the verge of red madness or not, but I enjoyed wearing it anyway.

Today I went for a slightly less eccentric look and played it safe with stripes, flowers and beige boots.

J Crew has new Fall stuff on its website and I'm not that enthralled. Perhaps it's because I can now buy it easily, but I'm sure the previous couple of years were more exciting.
I remember drooling over items I couldn't buy two years ago, whereas this year I'm filled with a sense of ennui.
It's all a bit redolent of seasons past. I don't expect newnewnew all the time, but a fresher approach may be needed.
These items interest me:
Valentina pumps, Rynetta pencil skirt, some necklace whose name escapes me and a colourful Tippi.
I won't be buying any of the above items, though, as I am still in shoe purgatory: waiting for my third pair of Mulberry pumps from Net-a-Porter to arrive and pondering whether I really need shoes like this. Am I really in need of these shoes or am I suffering a mid-life crisis?
The size 37 are here, and the 36.5 will be arriving early next week, but I've not had time to play with them yet.
The jury's still out on whether they are the shoes for me or not.

How are you this week?
Any new J Crew lusts or are you filled with ennui like me?
Do you buy shoes for the life you have or the life you imagine you might have?

Monday, July 22, 2013

The arrival (and departure) of blue things Part 2

A brief post to lament the untimely departure of my 3rd blue item.
The 3rd item was, as some of you guessed, the Mulberry shoes I was lusting after on Net-a-Porter.
They arrived in a lovely black NAP box:

And were encased in a beautiful bright pink Mulberry box within (complete with black NAP ribbon)

But alas, they were too small!!
I ordered them in a size 36, which is my usual size in most shoes. I usually wear a 35.5 in sandals, or even a 35, but a 36 in shoes to give more room for my wide hooves.
The Net-a-Porter size advice for these was that they are 'true to size'. I even talked to their customer service to explain my wide foot issues.
They assured me the 36 would be fine.
But it wasn't.....

So, they are going back today, as soon as the DHL man makes an appearance.
I am mighty sad.... but don't think I haven't re-ordered them in two different sizes. Yes, I am so OCD that I've exchanged these ones for the 36.5 and have ordered the 37 too, just in case.
I also alerted NAP to their misleading advice and they have refunded me the shipping costs as an apology.
They do have Very Good customer service.

I know it's a very shallow, first-world kind of problem, but I do wish that sizes would be consistent. Or that my feet were less like short, wide paddles!!!

So stay tuned for the next episode in the blue shoe conundrum!

Friday, July 19, 2013

The arrival of blue things (part 1)

Sydney has been having some truly mad weather this week - 15 degrees C one day, 23 degrees the next. Confusing, and makes it hard to know what to wear from one day to the next. 
Earlier this week I made a purchase from Matches. I've shopped at Matches before in London, but have never ordered from them online. I must say I am Very Impressed with their service!
I ordered a sale item on Monday, and it arrived on Thursday!
This is the very lovely box it came in - it's thick, marbled cardboard: 

The box came with a card saying who had packed it!

And here is the item:

Blue DVF skirt. It was on sale for a great price, so I ordered it without having tried it on in the local shop. A bit of a risk, but the wonderful Matches online store offers free returns even on sale items!!
I ordered a size 0, as I almost always go with the smallest size possible these days.
Back in the good ole days, before vanity sizing, I used to take a size 2 or 4 in DVF
These days, though, I'm a size 0!!

As you can see, it fits well, although it's still a touch big around the waist. I may get it taken in a touch for the summer, but for now it's fine with a knit over the waistband.
It does astound me that a size 0 is so generous, though. I wonder what really tiny women do for clothes?

This is the second blue item that arrived this week:

It's a blue Tippi sweater from good ole J Crew. I got it with the 20% off Magalog15 code, which also gives free shipping, so it ended up being a very good price, about $50 Aus.
It's a great colour and I'm very happy with it. This is an XS, for reference.

The third blue item is coming, and should be with me early next week, so watch this space!
We're off to a housewarming party tonight and a big Sunday lunch do tomorrow. 
What are your weekend plans?
Any blue purchases for you?

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Uggs, shoe lust and outfits

My post the other day garnered quite a few comments about whether or not Ugg boots should be worn outside the house. I'm a bit of a fascist on this, and am a firm believer that they have no place outside of one's house. However, I'm aware that outside of the Antipodes, Uggs don't have the same daggy connotations!

In Australia, Uggs are a generic name for slippers made of sheepskin. They are cosy, comfy and warm, but not chic and definitely not 'real' shoes. It would be a bit like wearing your house clothes out to the shops if you were to wear them outside. That's not to say that people don't wear them outside, but it's considered to be very, very low rent to do so!

J, my husband, has said he would start divorce proceedings if I were to leave the house in mine! (you get the idea....)

Here are some glam loo pics of my outfits so far this week:

J Crew Wool v-neck dress, J Crew Monarch scarf, Lover leather jacket, random old pumps and Coach bag.

DVF dress, black blazer from Op Shop, same pumps and bag.

Heidi at Adelaide Villa wrote a great post yesterday about being a 'bag' or 'shoe' person. I'm definitely more of a shoe person, I think.
I only own 3 or 4 bags, and rarely think about purchasing new ones, but my shoe collection is pretty terrifying.
Yesterday, in a moment of ennui, I made the mistake of checking out the new arrivals at Net-a-Porter.
The shoes below caught my eye, and now of course I'm obsessing over them. I will not buy them. I will NOT.
But they are very tempting......

Nicholas Kirkwood pumps and Mulberry pumps.

Finally, my Matches order shipped the other day, but look how busy it has been going round in circles:

I'm seriously amazed that this can happen. What is the point of sending it from Heathrow to East Midlands then back again? It's not as if the item has relatives to visit in Birmingham..... lunacy.

I'm hoping this item and a small J Crew order will arrive before the weekend. I'll keep you posted....

Hope you're having a lovely middle of the week.
Any excitement in your life?
Any shoe lusts?

Friday, July 12, 2013

Winter-ifying summer clothes

I've been on a clothes-buying hiatus recently. I have all the things I need for the rest if winter, and nothing at J Crew has tempted me for a while now. I usually start buying items for Spring/Summer at the end of July, but this year I'm not sure that there is much of interest around. I did just do a tiny shop on Matches - more on that in another post.

Anyway, it's been quite mild in Sydney, so I've been wearing some of my summer stuff with layers to brighten and lighten my mood. 

This J Crew tweed is cotton, but works well with Wolford opaques and boots. I'm wearing it with a Country Road knit, Lover leather jacket and JC scarf that I wear Far Too Often!

This is a sleeveless summer dress made of pointe fabric with a J Crew cashmere sweater on the top, same leather jacket and scarf and old Dries van Noten boots.

I promise that I don't wear that scarf every day. I'm wearing the red monarch one today.
And ugly Uggs on my feet. Don't worry, I would NEVER wear them outside of my house!

Hope you are having a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Home again, home again.....

After almost 2 weeks of being on the road (so to speak) with almost no Internet for 6 days, I'm back in the city.
I had a wonderful time in NZ and down South. 
Here is the new addition to my children's family of NZ native birds. From right to left Kane Kakapo, Samuel Montgomery, Jim Frayne and Henry Meads.
The small ones in the front are Brian Ravenscourt and Tiki Boomer.

After flying back to Sydney from Auckland I managed to unpack and re-pack in 12 hours, then set off down to the South Coast of NSW for a long weekend to celebrate my friend BB's birthday. We rented a large beach house with a wood-burning stove, which was just wonderful. The weather was amazing: sunny and clear, but cold, around 15 degrees C during the day and 5 degrees over night.

We went on lots of bush walks in the area. As you may have noticed above, my new J Crew Monarch scarf has arrived. I love it, and have been wearing it almost constantly.
The J Crew herringbone cashmere above has had a lot of use too.

Despite the cold, my crazy 12 year-old went swimming in the surf! She was totally numb when she came out!

As it was B's birthday, we drank a very large amount...... and cooked a lot of very delicious food.

On the back deck there were some very tame Kookaburras. D stroked their tails!!

Another shot of the scarf!

The back deck, table set for brunch

The boat ramp.

How are you? Any holidays or new purchases? I had a look at the new J Crew stuff on the website and was deeply underwhelmed. I'm still pondering pre-ordering the mosaic sweater.....
Any pre-orders for you? 

Monday, July 1, 2013

In the Land of the Long White Cloud

Rather a quick post, due to wifi issues....
I'm in Auckland, NZ for a conference. 

Sydney weather was utterly foul when I left:

Luckily, NZ is having much nicer weather. No rain! Clear skies! 

Luckily, I packed almost my entire wardrobe. Just in case I needed 25 different outfits:

My hotel room is most bigger than my house:

It has two bedrooms... No idea why, as I booked a single room.

I spent today exploring Newmarket and Ponsonby, which are two very cool suburbs of Auckland. This café had v yummy pastries:

I also made a pilgrimage to Pauanesia, the most fantastic kiwiana shop. They make and sell kiwis made from old salvaged textiles, mainly blankets. 
My children adore their kiwis. 
I bought the very dapper gentleman on the right, whose name is Jim Frayne. He will be a great companion for Henry Meads and Samuel Montgomery (two fine kiwis who already live with us)

If you're ever in Auckland, I highly recommend a visit to Pauanesia. It is a Very Cool shop.

Here's the view from Ponsonby towards the city:

Apologies for the short post. I'm sending this from an iPhone so it's a bit irritating to type much.

Any weekend plans?