Monday, July 1, 2013

In the Land of the Long White Cloud

Rather a quick post, due to wifi issues....
I'm in Auckland, NZ for a conference. 

Sydney weather was utterly foul when I left:

Luckily, NZ is having much nicer weather. No rain! Clear skies! 

Luckily, I packed almost my entire wardrobe. Just in case I needed 25 different outfits:

My hotel room is most bigger than my house:

It has two bedrooms... No idea why, as I booked a single room.

I spent today exploring Newmarket and Ponsonby, which are two very cool suburbs of Auckland. This café had v yummy pastries:

I also made a pilgrimage to Pauanesia, the most fantastic kiwiana shop. They make and sell kiwis made from old salvaged textiles, mainly blankets. 
My children adore their kiwis. 
I bought the very dapper gentleman on the right, whose name is Jim Frayne. He will be a great companion for Henry Meads and Samuel Montgomery (two fine kiwis who already live with us)

If you're ever in Auckland, I highly recommend a visit to Pauanesia. It is a Very Cool shop.

Here's the view from Ponsonby towards the city:

Apologies for the short post. I'm sending this from an iPhone so it's a bit irritating to type much.

Any weekend plans? 


  1. i have to get to Auckland! i actually have relatives there - my grand mother was born in NZ and I have cousins who still love there! I laughed when I saw all the clothing you bought - so much like me! We are going away for 8 days in a couple of weeks and I am already fretting about what i will wear!

    1. Ooh Wendy I've been thinking about you and your kiwi roots! You must visit one day. It is such a cool city! The food is amazing... So much better than what we get in Sydney!

      For an eight day trip you'll need practically your entire wardrobe! And at leat 12 pairs of shoes!!

  2. How long are you there for?? Too funny about packing - I am packing a little suitcase for 3 weeks!

    1. 5 days!! I will wear everything, though. Apart from the tees. I brought too many of them!
      As soon as I get back we're off to the beach for 5 days, so it'll be a very quick re-pack with casual stuff!
      I would take the same amount of clothes for a month. I just can't do 'capsule packing' for short trips. I'm allergic to not having at least 5 outfits!

  3. I did the same for Korea, and didn't wear a lot of it.
    I googled how to pack a capsule wardrobe.
    There are some great recommendations.

    1. Haha! See, I will wear everything, as I've planned each dAy's outfits! Unless the weather goes mad, in which case I'll re-think!
      Hope you had a good time in Korea?
      I'm very behind in blog reading, but will try to catch up!

  4. Its only monday and you are asking already about the weekend,haha.
    I have lots of "to do"things to get ready for our move.
    It gets crazier by the day:)

    Would love to see Auckland!

    1. Hmmm, I think I was a bit zoned out last night when I posted! I was convinced it was Sunday...

      Good luck with the packing!

  5. I must put you on my blog roll as that seems to be the only way I keep up with reading ...

    Oh my goodness, only five days? I thought you were going for weeks ;). Looks really fun and yummy, I'm afraid I'll never get there since husby does not believe in flying. :(