Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Uggs, shoe lust and outfits

My post the other day garnered quite a few comments about whether or not Ugg boots should be worn outside the house. I'm a bit of a fascist on this, and am a firm believer that they have no place outside of one's house. However, I'm aware that outside of the Antipodes, Uggs don't have the same daggy connotations!

In Australia, Uggs are a generic name for slippers made of sheepskin. They are cosy, comfy and warm, but not chic and definitely not 'real' shoes. It would be a bit like wearing your house clothes out to the shops if you were to wear them outside. That's not to say that people don't wear them outside, but it's considered to be very, very low rent to do so!

J, my husband, has said he would start divorce proceedings if I were to leave the house in mine! (you get the idea....)

Here are some glam loo pics of my outfits so far this week:

J Crew Wool v-neck dress, J Crew Monarch scarf, Lover leather jacket, random old pumps and Coach bag.

DVF dress, black blazer from Op Shop, same pumps and bag.

Heidi at Adelaide Villa wrote a great post yesterday about being a 'bag' or 'shoe' person. I'm definitely more of a shoe person, I think.
I only own 3 or 4 bags, and rarely think about purchasing new ones, but my shoe collection is pretty terrifying.
Yesterday, in a moment of ennui, I made the mistake of checking out the new arrivals at Net-a-Porter.
The shoes below caught my eye, and now of course I'm obsessing over them. I will not buy them. I will NOT.
But they are very tempting......

Nicholas Kirkwood pumps and Mulberry pumps.

Finally, my Matches order shipped the other day, but look how busy it has been going round in circles:

I'm seriously amazed that this can happen. What is the point of sending it from Heathrow to East Midlands then back again? It's not as if the item has relatives to visit in Birmingham..... lunacy.

I'm hoping this item and a small J Crew order will arrive before the weekend. I'll keep you posted....

Hope you're having a lovely middle of the week.
Any excitement in your life?
Any shoe lusts?


  1. What would you wear those shoes with, I wonder, Ruth?
    Perhaps a little tutorial for those not au fait with coloured footwear.

    1. Hmmm. I'd wear them with all of my bright colours! I hadn't really thought about what I'd wear them with in particular, but I can see them with bright skirts and dresses - I'm sure some would say that the Kirkwoods wouldn't go with other prints, but I'd wear them with my pixel skirt!
      And jeans, of course!

  2. Thanks for the shout out. You're definitely a shoe person, considering all the shoes you have, and the fact you've collected such lovely ones over so many years.

    Love that green DVF dress - green really does look great on you.

    I think you should get the cobalt shoes. I see a lot of wear in your future! xx

    1. +1 re the DVF dress. Gorgeous. Want.

    2. Thanks Heidi. I love green - I've started to wear colour only in the past 5 or 6 years, before that I wore mainly black, grey and navy.
      Now I'm finding it hard to wear all black!
      The blue pumps are lovely, but will have to wait 'til next month. Will see if they're still available then. If they don't sell out in my size then it's meant to be!!
      Are you going to get the Dior shoes?

    3. Cilla, there's a DVF store in Sydney... not sure if there's one in Melbs? I usually try on locally, then buy from Matches or another online site, as prices are far lower.
      The local DVF shop also has quite good sales from time to time!
      I love DVF dresses - they last for years and never look dated (IMO), so a good 'investment'.

  3. Love,love your DvF dress!
    No Uggs for me,they make me feel like a duck:(

    I think i am both a shoe and bag girl,maybe a little more bag girl.
    I am waiting for my "last" jcrew order in germany.Can you believe soon i can go to a store?

    Enjoy your day!!!

    1. Uggs are not elegant....
      It's so exciting that you'll be living in the US soon, and able to visit shops and take advantage of the cheaper prices!

  4. i tend to be bags...but never owned uggs bc if they are so comfy i will be guilty of wearing all the time!!

    1. They are comfy, but so ugly that there isn't much temptation really... although if it gets very cold I may well eat my words!

  5. Hey ruth, I've also given up the all-blacks, luff your DVF dress, but will never even own any Uggs (the name alone is ugh for me, despite Canuck cold, and I am already stumpy.) Giggled at Brum detour. Am decidedly a bag lady, but would love a few more pairs of the JC Kikis for non-heel days.

    1. GF, I have resisted Uggs for nearly 14 years, but the poor insulation in our house has finally made me cave this year :-(
      I'm intrigued by these JC kikis.... They look a bit like my Repettos - wonder if they're Repetto inspired?
      I've never tried JC shoes, as they seem rather $$. For example, those Mulberry pumps above are AU$470, and JC Etta pumps are a similar price!

  6. I love your style. It's very similar to mine:). Here in the US we definitely love our Uggs in the winter. I have had the same pair for 10 years and still love them in the dead of winter. My husband has come around, but he still calls them Uggly haha.

    I am definitely a shoe person. I collect them and can never have enough! I love bags as well, but don't have that many and I don't crave them the way that I lust after shoes. I like your new shoe loves:)

    1. Hi A, thanks for commenting! I'm so impressed that your uggs have lasted that long!
      My partner thinks they're awful too!
      I'm really struggling not to buy the blue Mulberry pumps!

  7. I'm with you on the Uggs. I have mine on now - I'm cozied up on the couch - but would NEVER wear them outside! I couldn't believe it on my last trip home to the UK that everyone was wearing them outside - they don't have have proper outdoor soles!! I guess for the price they charge in the UK people want their monies worth?? Loving your DVF dress!!

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