Thursday, August 8, 2013

J Crew Andie, purple and other stuff....

Another week of too much work and not enough play, but it's Friday, so I'm in an upbeat mood.
This week I came to the realisation that the smallest things can lift the spirit in times of stress and overwork.
I'm not talking about clothes or anything like that (shock!), but the fact that I finally got round to cleaning the windows in our bedroom.
They haven't been cleaned for over a year, so they were pretty vile and dirty.
Anyway, every morning since cleaning them, my spirits are lifted and I experience a sense of deep happiness that they are clean.
The world looks better through clean windows.

Enough of that.
J Crew had a few new updates online this week, which cheered me (sort of) too.
A few things caught my eye:
Collection silk/wool A-line skirt
 I'm  intrigued to read reviews of this skirt. I love an A-line skirt, but am concerned by its length (19"!!!) and the fact that it's wool. We're approaching Spring here, so my wool wearing days are now numbered.
This will be a wait and see item.

Andie Chinos
 Next up is the Andie Chinos, which have been receiving some good reviews on the JCA blog.
I'm very tempted by these, although probably not in that coral colour. I'd probably go for the steel grey.
They come in petite sizes too. I'll ponder these further.
I'm not usually a great fan of chinos. They're too loose and casual for me, but these do look as if they'd be a bit more slim and structured on.
Any thoughts? Have any of you tried them?

Emerald Tweed dress
Finally, the emerald tweed dress. I'm a sucker for tweed, and if this were sleeveless and a cotton blend, I would snag it for sure. I'm not fond of short sleeves, though. Long or 3/4 sleeves would be fine, but for summer here, it would have to be sleeveless.
Anyway, it was fun to have a look at the new stuff, even if most of it isn't particularly fabulous.

Here are a couple of outfits from this week, featuring purple.

J Crew purple V-neck dress, black opaques and suede boots.

With J Crew Punk floral scarf.

J Crew Monarch scarf, grey Country Road knit, black Acne jeans, beige Acne boots and J Crew Schoolboy blazer in purple:

Are you sick of seeing my scarves with every single outfit yet?
I'm not.

I hope you've had a good week.
Any reviews of new J Crew items?
Any items on your wishlist?
Do you love clean windows too?


  1. I find a cleaning job like that deeply satisfying as well. I decided recently to clean the ugly light fitting in our study. It's earmarked for replacement, but since moving into the house...2.5 years ago, I haven't found anything I like. Of course we've renovated the whole house, and it was absolutely thick with dust. Horrific. Cleaning it has given a lot more light to the room, and it was deeply satisfying to see the dust floating off in the kitchen skink. Of course I had to admit temporary defeat and that the light fitting was staying for a while yet....
    Onto clothes, your outfits are great, and I'm personally not over a scarf. It's too cold. Love the crew items, have always liked the cut of their chinos at the waist/ pocket, so think those slim line ones would be good. I do like that tweed dress. I like a bit of a short sleeve on a summer dress - the shoulders get burnt so easily here in Adelaide when it's 40+, it's good to have a bit of extra protection (incidentally, I often see people walking around with parasols in Summer here - never saw it in Melbourne). xx

    1. We have an ugly light fitting too that is filthy! My excuse is that it is too high to reach to clean it! Th only time I can see its true filth is if I pause halfway up the stairs and look down on it. Needless to say I try to avoid looking down! Perhaps you will end up becoming fond of your light fitting? Our is not that bad, really!

      I totally agree with short sleeves in terms of sun protection, but I'm afraid vanity wins out. My arms are one of my best features due to years of yoga, so I get them out whenever I can! I also hate the cutting- off feeling of short sleeves....

    2. I most certainly will not grow to love it!! Funnily enough the number of people who come into the house and say how nice it is... (it's enormous, faux Victorian 5 branch shiny brass with those fluted milk glass shades on the end of each arm. I always feel like it's going to fall on my head when I'm sitting on the sofa crushing me under one of it's large octopus like tentacles). I think I'll make a KILLING on Gumtree when it's time to sell it... when I find something to replace it. I have to say, I thought the white shades were opaque... they're not. It was dust! xx

    3. Hope you do make some $$ on it when you sell it. It doesn't sound too bad to me!

  2. Hi Ruth, I have tried on the Andie chino pant, and they are on my wishlist, just waiting for the next full price promo to get them. I liked that they were skinny on the leg and made of a substantial weight cotton that gave them more structure than the usual chino. I also have my eye on the A-line skirt. 19" is not terribly short, and might work on me. Excellent outfits, as always - quite envious of your Acne Pistols. I am now saving up for a pair!

    1. Oh I'm glad that you think the Andies are good. There seems to be a full price promo going from today (not for us poor international customers, sadly), so perhaps you can get them! Are they true to size, would you say?

      You're right that 19" isn't super short, it's just a bit too short for my knees. Will ponder it!
      Acne pistols are great. My black ones are almost dead, though, after almost 5 winters of use! The beige ones are off to the cobblers to be re-soled and heeled, too.
      They've been a great boot for me over the past 5 years, so I highly recommend them!

  3. Everytime I see you with your scarves I want them and have to remind myself green is no good near my face and butterflies bug me (sorry!) but love them on others and really love them on you. Love purple too. Aren't Andie chinos just as or even skinnier than Bennett chinos? Haven't tried the Andie yet but Bennett is darned skinny, nothing like what you'd think associated with chinos.

    1. Perhaps J Crew will bring out a different print in a red scarf.... Or you could ask Wendy to include it in her collaboration with Mickey ;-)
      I'd like a cobalt blue punk flower one, myself!

      I've never tried the Bennett chinos, but as I'm a short-arse, slim and fitted pants are my friend!
      Ooh and before I forget, I ordered some fancy pants the other day! As I was trying them on I thought of you and Wendy and wondered whether they'd get your seal of approval. They're red, with a darker red flower pattern on them. Will post pics of them once I pick them up!

  4. I love this tweed dress even with the short sleeves. I am more for any length of sleeves than sleeveless... But definitely would rather wear tweed in Fall/Winter...
    I love your first outfit: the dress, boots ans scarf, they all look nice. Enjoy the weekend. I will (finally!) start my vacations :-D

    1. Hi Steph, it's good to 'see' you, and thanks for commenting on my last post as well. Sorry I haven't replied.
      You're right about tweed being more for winter and autumn.... However, summer weight cotton tweed can be great too.

      Glad to hear you're on holiday! Are you going away. How's the weather in Luxembourg? Is it very hot?

    2. We had nearly 6 weeks of fantastic weather, and it was really, really warm up to 35 - 38 Celcius. Since a couple of days we had thunder storms and we have lost both the sun and some degrees. We have been for the past days around 20 degrees C... Which is typical for Luxembourg. We can't really plan for a real long summer...
      Yes we are going away, a couple of days in Normandy to "visit" the landing beaches. This is my son's BDay gift and then we will be staying for a little in UK.
      I am not sure I will "visit" a lot during this time, but I will when back!
      Take Care

    3. Have a fab time in Normandie, and I hope your summer continues for a while longer!

  5. I actually didn't like the fabric on the tweed dress close up. The metallic threads in the "tweed" add nothing to the look of the fabric, and the hand of the fabric made me felt - ugh. The fabric is a mix of synthetics. Disappointing, because from a distance the dress really looked cute.

    1. Good to know, WFF. Those pics and the gushing copy on the website can ber very misleading. I wish they'd sort out their fabrics :-(

  6. Hi Ruth - Happy Friday! I have been eying the Andies myself, though I really do not need pants this fall, though I would love a pair of really nice normal lined trousers, like the Ralph Lauren's I bought last fall!

    Love your picks - I can do 19" skirts as I am only 5'2". However, I am just trying to fit back in to the clothes I have.

    I love your outfits- purple looks so marvelous on you! It is not so great on me, sadly, cause I really do like it! I just need to find the right shade maybe?

    1. I reckon the right shade of purple would be good on you - perhaps a warmer one?

      19" is fine on me too, I'm also 5'2" ish, but I prefer a bit longer, especially in summer when my knees are out!

  7. I bloody hate cleaning windows but I love it when they're done so it's a real love hate thing...but I usually get my partner to do it! The A-Line skirt is lovely but like you said, not sure about the wool with the weather starting to warm up. Finally, purple is your colour and I never tire of your scarves!!

    1. I'm not such a fan of cleaning anything, really. I have to really force myself to clean windows, but th result is so gratifying!

      You're right about wool for summer. There's no way!

  8. Never sick of the scarves!! Keep em coming :)