Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Random pics and new J Crew

This week has been mad, weather-wise.
We've gone from 25 degrees C on Sunday.....

Rittenhouse stripey tank, Nudie jeans and Nike runners. Plus Riesling!

To 13 degrees today. Brrrr!
There was snow in the mountains and the wind chill was very cold indeed.
Luckily I had my blue J Crew coat to keep me warm

After work today, I had a quick peak at the new J Crew Fall stuff.
There are quite a few things that caught my eye, but it's almost Spring here, so I'll probably hold off until the sales later in the year.

I like this tweed fronted sweater:

I can imagine wearing it with black pants, jeans or a skirt of some sort.
Having not seen it in real life I'm not sure how thick the tweed is.

This sweater is also pretty cool:

I'll definitely be stalking this on sale for next winter (if it doesn't sell out)

This sweater below was on my wishlist when the lookbook came out. I even pondered pre-ordering it, but thank god I didn't, as the price in Aus $ is $727.50!!! My flabber is gasted! What an outrageous price!
It does look lovely, though.
J pointed out that it will probably end up on sale too, although it would have to be a BIG price cut!

Another item that I may well buy for Spring is this top:
Anyone seen or tried it?
I rather like this dark green colour. It would go well with my Garden Shade floral skirt.

Finally, here's a picture of a Torta di Santiago I made on Sunday, and the family going for a walk.

Let's hope the warm weather returns soon and that J Crew stop making ridiculously overpriced sweaters.

Post Script. I've just checked on the US website and the tile sweater is 50% cheaper than in Australia!!


  1. the second j crew sweater is based on one from Goat fashion - but can't believe it is sooooo expensive. much more than goat and goat isn't cheap...PS did you notice that the us shops are getting 25% off in certain cities with codes by habitually chic and elements of style? you should see if you can get a 25% discount on line...

    1. it's madness, isn't it?
      I've pondered ordering the tile sweater on the US site as there's a 25% off code, bringing the price down to a sort of almost affordable $370, but it's still too much, really. Especially since I'll need to add on more $$ for shipping.

  2. 50% cheaper??? Use the reshipper... If I only buy one or two things from them, I do it through the website, otherwise I use the reshipper, as it works out a lot cheaper. Total price gouging! Can't believe your temperature differential. It's just cold here. They announced last night on the news (after a day where the max was 13C) that "a cold front would come through tomorrow"... I couldn't believe it!!! Where is the suuuuuunnnnnn! xx

    1. Heidi, I would use a re-shipper, but I don't think I need it that much!

      i usually use a reshipper if I'm doing a huge order and there's a good sale going on in the US. This time, i just can't justify it. If it were the beginning of Autumn, then maybe, but not going in to Spring.

      Hope your weather improves soon and the cold snap is over quickly!

  3. The cake looks yummy!

    I like your picks a lot and esp the green top.
    If i see it in store(i might go on saturday),i will check it out for you.

    1. Ina, it would be so great if you could report back on some items!

      I am seriously considering the green top, but am not sure whether to go for 0 or 00 (or P00!)

    2. Oh, and my drapey tee arrived and it's great. I'll do a post on it this weekend!

  4. The big sales coincide with the start of the season, that's brilliant! Even though I was born and raised in the Southern Hemisphere, living in the States has me used to this "upside down" calendar now.

    1. It is very useful, but sometimes frustrating!
      Where were you born and raised, AB? If you don't mind sharing, of course!

  5. I love your blue coat!! I'm watching J. Crew for a blue coat this year. That is a crazy temperature change, yikes! I can't believe they charge that much more for something in Australia, crazy!

    1. Thanks Cate! I saw a blue cocoon coat on the website the other day, but it seems to have disappeared now....strange!
      I'm sure they'll do coats in blue later on this year - I love their blue shades.

      you're right about the crazy prices. It is very unfair :-(