Thursday, September 26, 2013

A few outfits and another pair of Andie chinos

It's almost the end of September - I can't believe how fast this year is going.
This month I've bought three items:
J Crew keyhole top (worn below) and two pairs of J Crew Andie Chinos. One in fatigue green and one in navy.

The weather has been very hot and windy.
Here's a blurry shot of one day's outfit.

J Crew silk keyhole top, DVF skirt, L'autre chose sandals and Mulberry bag

Another day... This came out rather yellow.

Black Wolford top, black Helmut Lang skirt, yellow Cos cardie and APC sandals

Finally, navy blue Andie chinos which arrived on Tuesday.
They are a nice dark navy, and seem to be about 2cm longer than the green ones. Either that or my legs have shrunk!.
Pictures are rubbish, sorry. 

Andie chinos worn with old kids' Isabel Marant blouse bought in 2009 from some posh kids shop in London. It's age 10 in case you were wondering!
It's a beautiful semi sheer silk chiffon with slight ruffles down the front. 
I stalked the adult version but they didn't have a my size on sale, so the kids one seemed a great compromise and was MUCH cheaper!

 It's quite short, but I don't mind that.

Do you ever buy kids' clothes? 

Happy weekend everyone!


  1. No I have never ever bought kids clothes not even a scarf. I can't believe that shirt is for kids bc it's quite sophisticated for ten. Perhaps a real precocious philosophising north Londoner scholarship kid would wear it??

    1. I reckon a Chelsea child too - or a wealthy West London offspring. It's quite cute and girly irl, just looks less so on me as I'm so mature!!
      I don't buy that many kids items, as my body isn't really child size - my thighs are not particularly childlike ;-)

  2. ha! only for my own - couldn't fit in them!

    1. Haha! I'm guessing your kids don't need kids' clothes anymore, either! As I mentioned to Naomi above, a lot of things just don't fit as I'm not really child size, but it is good to score the odd thing!

  3. I have *hangs head in shame* but in my defense, sometimes I'm sized out. I love those chinos on you!

    1. No shame in buying kids clothes! I'm sized out quite often too. Moreover, the styles are sometimes way too young for me!

  4. No kids clothes...boobs and butt just wouldn't fit. I do like your find. Good job.

  5. X pounds ago I was in a size 12 or 14 in kids. It was fun to get a few bargains. The top is great on you. I like the black top & skirt. They look like a dress together in the pics.

    1. Thanks Gigi! It is good to get a bargain, I once ordered some Crewcuts chinos in age 12, but they would not go over my bum, so I think I'd def need a 14 in JC kids!
      The top and skirt can pass as a dress - useful for work and going out!

  6. The only thing I've bought in the children's department are shoes... I bought a pair of trainers when I lived in London, they were 20 quid. Adult version (slightly different) was around 50... so a couple of months later, Mr AV said to me "are you wearing the same shoes as that 12 year old boy over there?".
    Your shirt is lovely, love the chinos, and I can totally believe you're in the kids sizing! I think the shirts are too tight across the shoulders (my shoulders are broad), and the hips definitely are not child sized on me. Other than that, the height would be ok! xx

  7. Kids getting things from the posh kids shop must have sophisticated taste, that's a beautiful blouse.

    Yes I do, the giant sequined heart T in my latest post is Crewcuts. Taking (none of this borrowing stuff) from the kids' section started with shoes, they're cut wider and perfect for my feet. Then I tried T-shirts and next were some sweaters ...

    I go for boys' size 14 for the boyfriend look. ;)

  8. Hi Ruth. I love the silk keyhole top and the shade of blue of the skirt - that colour is very on trend now isn't it?

    I could probably fit in to kid's clothes up top (unfortunately) but not on the bottom with my butt and thighs (unfortunately!).

    Take care