Sunday, September 15, 2013

Busy weekend, 'vintage' J Crew??

It's Autumnal again here, after a week of very warm weather.
The weekend was rather busy:
Swimming lessons, followed by a revoltingly super-sized frozen yoghurt.
Is it me, or is frozen yoghurt taking over the western world? In our suburb there are currently 6 frozen yoghurt shops, all claiming to provide 'healthy' snacks.
As if! Low fat and full of high fructose corn syrup.
It's a recipe for type 2 diabetes if you ask me....

I'd far rather boycott the bloody places altogether, but my youngest rascal begged, so I gave in.
It was pretty horrid really, but the Kinders enjoyed it.
Next time we'll mix our own Plain, Full Fat yoghurt with some fresh berries and freeze it ourselves.

Is your area overun by vile fast-food outlets claiming to provide healthy food?
It really does infuriate me.... no wonder kids and people in general are getting fatter and fatter!

Evil sugary dessert masquerading as health food
After the sugary hit, we attempted to clean the house.
Saturday night was spent at a friends' dinner party (no pics, sorry).

On Sunday, we went on a bit of an adventure to another friends' holiday house.
They have a house on a beach that is only accessible via the water. No cars - bliss!
It's in the middle of a National Park, so lots of Brush Turkeys, Lyre birds and other wildlife.
We set off early and got a ferry there.

There were about 10 of us there for a day of hiking, BBQ ing and merry-making.

The children caught a couple of fish, too, which was very, very exciting!

Finally, a couple of outfits from last week.
First, one featuring 'vintage' J Crew!
I got this cardigan on Ebay a couple of years ago before J Crew shipped internationally.
I have no idea how old it is - obviously it's not really vintage at all, but do any of you have any idea from what year it might be?
(Scroll down for a close-up)

J Crew tee, Zara jeans, Repetto flats

It's a fine merino wool, with beautiful diamonds in green and blue. I love it! I wish they did more printed cardigans like this!

I also love the print of the Tipsy Parsons sweater, which I wore on Friday:

Hope you had a great weekend and stayed away from evil yoghurt shops!


  1. Looks gorgeous all around! Do not recognize the cardi! I am sure someone will!

  2. The cardigan is lovely,it must have been before my jcrew time:)

    We try to avoid the frozen yogurt places too,but there are those days we can't escape the seets.
    Australia is so beautiful!

    1. I meant sweets.

      Btw they cancelled my order for the drapey striped tee,but I found one local.
      It is very flimsy,but the barn color is beautiful,so I am keeping it.

    2. Oh glad you found one locally - please post pics - or perhaps you already have?
      My Andie chinos finally shipped after being back-ordered for 6 weeks and should arrive today. I'll post a review if they do!

  3. I agree with you fully on the yoghurt.
    We have a very skewed view of what healthy food and appropriate portion sizes are.
    Cute outfits.

    1. I get so cross with the terrible misinformation that food companies put out.... Soft drinks and fast food outlets. Grrrrr.

  4. Frozen yogurt places are popping up all over Toronto as well! I don't eat it all the time, but the shop I prefer to go to doesn't offer the candy toppings. Instead, they have these machines that squish a bar of frozen yogurt together with chopped up fruit, so it's relatively healthy.

    I don't recall the exact year of your cardigan but I would not be surprised if it is from the 2006-2008 era, when J. Crew regularly put out printed cardigans in merino wool and cotton. Is the fabric content tag still attached? If you look on the underside, it should say the season and year, eg. "SP 08" is spring 2008. I agree, it's too bad they don't do those printed cardigans anymore because they did some really fantastic ones back in the day.

    1. Ooh will have to check the label to see what year it is. Hadn't thought of looking at that.
      Thanks Louise!

    2. Hi Louise, I checked the label and it was SP 2008!! You truly are a J C spotter!

    3. LOL! Well, I have been buying from J. Crew for close to 20 years now but 2007-2008 ranks as my favourite era for J. Crew - the quality, the style and the price was unbeatable. I am always checking Ebay for 'vintage' J. Crew from that era. Your cardigan was an excellent find!!

  5. Oh that yoghurt is healthy for you - It has probiotics in it, I'm sure! That will cancel out any negative in the form of sugar...
    Looks like a lovely weekend with the outing at the friends place, it's always so relaxing when you can't hear a car.
    Question for you, is JCrew collection worth extra money (better detailing etc, or just better fabrics?) I'm asking b/c I'm looking at the Collection Schoolboy blazer... and it's $880. Which is very high for me.... But I like the look of it, and need a decent jacket (I have one jacket at the moment). It's cashmere... I just wonder if it's remotely worth it or if I should try to find something on The Outnet (which would likely be cheaper) by a designer that's been discounted heavily. Unfortunately the promo codes don't seem to work with the Collection pieces. Ho Hum....

    1. Hmmm. I'm not sure about collection stuff. I think the quality is a bit better, but I'd be very cautious about recommending an $800 jacket.... I'd only get it if you can easily return it if it's not special enough.
      For that price I think I'd probably prefer to try before I buy.... I'd have a look at Max Mara or some other mid range Italian label... Hugo Boss?
      I've just had a look and it's over $1200 on the Aus site! Bloody hell!!
      Perhaps others will be able to offer some advice...

    2. I know! It's so expensive! I thought if I could find a discount that worked, and use my reshipper it might work out. Maybe I should forget it. So far my search for a jacket hasn't gone too well. I do like the fit of the jacket overall (too many look like work jackets, which I don't want). I guess I thought that if it was so expensive for J Crew it must have something extra special that a normal jacket wouldn't have?? x

    3. I think there's a 25% off code for the US site that might work now - that would bring it down to a sort of sensible price.
      I do love my wool flannel boyfriend blazer - it's a great style, and not at all office suity.
      I'm guessing the fabric would be lovely.... It might be with ordering it for $600 to see.

      I also love Karen Walker for tailoring - she does great non office style blazers for around $700 ish.

    4. Code doesn't work... it says it's excluded from promos, so I guess that's that! Boo hoo!

    5. No! That's so mean of them! Oh well, I guess it makes your choice easier!
      I'm sure one will end up on sale though... I seem to remember the old cashmere boyfriend was on sale for $400 or so in Feb this year

    6. I am sure it will go on sale eventually! Everything eventually goes on sale or promo at J. Crew. It's just a matter of waiting...the new wishlist function is very useful for spotting when something goes on sale.

      I think J. Crew Collection quality is hit and miss - sometimes the fabrics are better, sometimes not. The cashmere sweaters are definitely not: they are basically the same as what they were a few years ago, but they decided to stick "Collection" on the label and increase the price.

  6. There was this "non fat yoghurt" place in LA a while back and their yoghurt was delicious and everyone kept saying - OMG it's soo good I can't believe it's yoghurt and of course it wasn't. It was ice cream with a bit of a culture in it. Love that printed cardie - they don't do cardie prints anywhere lately.

    1. The whole non-fat thing pisses me off so much..... Most manufacturers simply substitute bucket loads of sweeteners to make up for the lack of substance once the fat is removed. We have banned low fat food from our house, pretty much!
      I'm a big fawn of printed cardies too!

    2. I'll never forget sitting at the traffic lights and looking at the car next to me to see an obese woman in a car eating a huge bag of Allen's marshmallows emblazoned with "Fat Free" on the side. Yes, fat free. Just a massive bag of sugar instead....

  7. It looks delicious, I've still to taste frozen yoghurt but no its all kebab shops, curry houses and fish and chip shops in Scotland.

    1. No kebabs? No fish and chips? I love fish and chips, although in moderation....

  8. Lovely cardi, I love the way you mix colors together. No frozen yoghurt yet here in Luxembourg, but I bet it will come soon... In the meantime we are not really healthier. Processed and cheap food is everywhere in supermaket and for dinning out options, it is either rather expensive, either chain restaurant like Pizza Hut or fast food...

    1. How sad that junk food is infiltrating Luxembourg... I always hope that European countries are a bit less junk-saturated than the English speaking world....