Thursday, September 5, 2013

Spring uniform and random stuff, including an Austrian radiator (for Naomi)

It's Friday afternoon here, and we're about to head South for the weekend to our friends' beach house.
Spring is well and truly here (for the time being, anyway) and day time temperatures have been a very pleasant 24 degrees C.
I've dug out my Spring stuff, and have realised that I most definitely have a Spring uniform.
It consists of skirts with cotton knits and tees:
J Crew cotton sweater, J Crew tweed pencil skirt, APC sandals

Of course, my summer uniform is similar, but I substitute knits for sleeveless tops and cardigans.

Another Spring favourite is jeans slightly rolled up with long-sleeved tees and the same knits:

Karen Walker tee, Leon & Harper jeans,  Repetto shoes

I don't wear jeans or pants at all once our summer hits, as it's way too hot. I enjoy wearing them in Spring, though.

The next picture is totally unrelated to my wardrobe navel-gazing, and is here for the lovely Naomi, from the blog Coulda Shoulda Woulda
Naomi recently went on a trip to Austria, and posted some amazing pics of her visit, including the most amazing Kachelofen (Austrian Radiator).
Kachelofen are traditional ways of heating pubs and other buildings, and some of them are absolutely beautiful, with intricate decorations and detailing.

Others look like Daleks:

Kachelofen in the Weisswand Gasthof, St Gilgen, Land Salzburg
J's father is Austrian, and there are some fab Kachelofen in his village. The one above is in a pub located halfway up a mountain called the Zwolferhorn. Last summer we were there, and my daughter pointed out that their Kachelofen looks very Dalek-like!
As it was summer, it wasn't on, but we've spent many a winter evening in front of a Kachelofen, warming up Apres Ski.

Seeing as this is a rather random post, I thought I'd also include a couple of pictures of chairs that I particularly like.
I'm planning to get the two below after our upcoming renovations are finished.
Or should I say, if our renovations ever get done.....

Jardan Camper chair

Jardan Archie sofa
Both of them are from Jardan, an Australian family-owned furniture company based in Melbourne.
I love some of their items, and am planning to put these two chairs in our new living area (if it ever gets built)
I love the colours of both of them, but am undecided as to whether I'll go for the yellow or not. 
Seeing as we've yet to put our DA (Development Application) in to Council yet, we'll have plenty of time to ponder which colours to get!

That's enough randomness.
I'm awaiting the arrival of a small J Crew delivery, and an Everlane blouse I scored on ebay for a very good price.

Hope you're having a great Thursday or Friday, depending on where in the world you live.


  1. I LOVE your outfits. I had my spring/ summer stuff out briefly - it was 30 on Tuesday and Wednesday so I was in a sleeveless dress, but it's now cold again and I'm in a double layer of wool.
    That heater is the strangest thing I've ever seen. You just have to wonder what the designer was thinking about when he/she thought large bumps all over it with a strange easter egg on top would work.
    I love Jardan - our current old sofa is from them and is about to turn 14 years old. Still very comfortable although it looks a little well worn thanks to the kids. Our new ones will also be from Jardan.... once we both agree on which style/ combination suits us. Seems to be the new flashpoint in renovation discussion with my husband. Sigh xx

    1. Thanks Heidi, the weather here will surely go colder again - but hopefully not this weekend.
      Excellent to hear that Jardan are worth the $$$.
      Sorry to hear that furniture choices are causing problems.... Our main points of disagreement are cupboards....

  2. I love your outfits, especially the red pants one (which is another iteration of my favourite outfit of yours from the other day - the green pants one.)

    I completely love that you started randomly talking about chairs in your already random post.

    We have a lot of cool radiators like that here too, in the German part of Switzerland. Our local bar is in a building that seems to be a few hundred years old, and it has a great big radiator. This region of Switzerland is one of the areas where they are made. They are always a treat to see, I think. The ones here are less...bulbous. They tend more towards straight lines. Neat that your daughter saw the design link.

    1. Thanks Abby - I'm sure those ovens are not uniquely Austrian, in fact I remember seeing similar ones in Switzerland.
      Have you started your yoga practice yet?
      I will have a go at doing a post on yoga soon.

  3. I have to say that one classic silhouette I adore is the v neck with a pencil skirt - I think it suits 90% of women. I would wear it but then the matching shoes hurt my feet and I like to be comfy.

    Love the sofas - never heard of them so I guess I missed out when I lived in Melbourne...
    But I looooove the heaters! I googled them and they are expensive though - they start at 15K£ but they apparently last hundreds of years. Ok so I wouldn't choose the Dalek one but I love that you can choose the style of them. PS Do you shop every other day? You are always getting a shipment in!! ;p

    1. I think Jardan have been around since the late 80s?
      Kachel Ofen are amazing. I guess you could justify getting one in the UK - are you going to take the plunge?

      Re shopping: it goes in fits and starts.... I guess it appears that I shop a lot because I blog about it. Compared to many I buy relatively few things, but I guess to someone who doesn't buy clothes then it seems a lot.
      I usually buy about 4 or 5 items per season, and two pairs of shoes a year. Boots are every two years.

  4. I am starting the process of putting my summer clothes away and getting out the fall stuff. Your red pants reminded me I have red cords to wear soon. Love the first chair. I could never do yellow...with my skin tone I would look like I have jaundice every time I sat on it. The heater is something else. Never seen anything like it. Have a great day.

    1. Red cords sound lovely!
      I must say I hadn't thought of yellow and my colouring! Hmmm, will need to check colours to make sure they're flattering!

  5. love your outfits and your stove! the chairs are so you! I love both colours!

  6. Those chairs are very you. And MrBP is Austrian too, on his Dad's side. I know a woman who is from Germany and she builds those ovens, they are incredible works of art. She has installed a few in Toronto and in my city, I'd love to have one in my own home but space and permits are an issue never mind the $30,000 price tag!
    Have a great weekend!

    1. Aha! So you have an Austrian in the house too! does Mr BP love Wurst? Joe is obsessed with finding a decent sausage in Australia. They're few and far between!
      How amazing that a woman makes those! I would imAgine they would be great for your winters? Perhaps you could save for one, although that is an awful lot of money!

  7. Hi Ruth! I love the striped tee and red/maroon jeans combo. I can live in that any day. How many times do you shop?? You always seem to have a delivery :) Thanks for reminding me about Ebay. I'm bidding on something too. Naomi's seriously considering the Austrian radiator--I think a little bit more and you've convinced her. I love those sofas, especially the yellow one!
    Have a lovely weekend!
    Marj x

    1. Thanks Marg! I hope Naomi gets an oven! No need for one here, and no chance of us affording one with my profligate shopping ;-)

  8. The chair and sofa are fabulous!!! I love the designs. Great outfits too!! I am convinced you have the best shoe collection ever - your APC sandals are so nice.

    Those beautifully decorated tall radiators are very common in old houses in Sweden. The ones I have seen are decorated with floral designs you usually see on ceramic or porcelain dishware.

    1. Thanks Louise!
      APC sandals are great. Mine are a bit battered now, as this is their third year of use.
      I'll replace them next year, I think.

      I've seen similar but more delicate radiators in Denmark too, so they must be fairly common all over the North.

  9. Those Kachelofens are very common in Germany and my parents have one.
    I am still not crazy about it.

    Love the sofas,esp. the blue one!

    1. I guess they are a bit OTT and old fashioned, but I love them!
      Hope you've had a great birthday!