Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sunny fathers' day, a film and other stuff

We had a fabulous, sunny weekend to welcome the first day of Spring. On Sunday, it was Fathers' Day here in the Antipodes. As it was so beautiful, we had a picnic in a nearby park.
There were about 15 of us, plenty of fathers and lots of children.
We kept the food simple, with plenty of Prosecco and beer to drink.

The children made Joe cards, and bought him some Muuto cups to match his teapot. Muuto is a Danish company that makes lovely functional homewares.

On Saturday night, we went for a very early dinner, then went to our local cinema to see a film.
We had planned to see 'What Maisie Knew' but we got there too late and it had sold out.
Instead we saw 'Frances Ha', which is a lovely, slightly quirky film about a 20 something dancer who struggles to pay her rent.
It was a lovely, happy film. I recommend it if you're looking for a light-hearted but non-sentimental film.

Here's an outfit from Friday:

Zara silk blouse (horrible quality.... am thinking of replacing it with an Everlane one. Any recs? Are Everlane shirts good quality?)
Nudie jeans, Mulberry bag and APC Sandals.
Yellow J Crew bangle, too

On Saturday morning, I had a momentary lapse of reason, and ordered this blouse. The 30% off sale was just too much to resist.
I got a size P0, so fingers crossed it fits.

So, leading on from the Zara blouse issue above, do any of you have recommendations for simple silk shirts? I have a couple of Equipment ones that I love, but they are rather $$ here in Australia, and the signature style is too oversized for me - I prefer the Brett style.
I really like the look of the Everlane colarless ones:

The only problem with this is that Everlane only ships to the US and Canada, so I'd have to use a parcel forwarding service.... which is fine if the sizing is standard, but no good if I'd need to return it, as the faff would be too great.

Any other suggestions?
Hope you had a fab weekend, and that US readers are having a good long weekend!!


  1. Love your outfit!
    Hopefully the JC top fits you,the color is divine.

    It looks like you had a great Fathers Day:)

    1. Thanks Ms Ina!! I appreciated your review of the top. I think it will be ok, as long as it's not too tight over the bust I don't think it will be a problem.

  2. My 2 cents on the blouse issue: The Drapey Crepe Henley Tunic from J Crew is my new favorite garment, and comes in Ivory (I have the navy and red). It fits like a dream. I'm 5'2, 120ish, and have 4P. Could go down to 2P but the 4P fits the way the model wears it, so I didn't size down.

    1. hi Elizabeth, thanks for visiting and commenting.
      Thanks for the recommendation - but not sure if it would be too heavy for our climate in Spring/Summer...
      It does look gorgeous - love the red colour!

  3. Silk just doesn't want to be my friend. I keep trying but I do think I am finally getting the hint. Love the pic for father's day.

    1. BB, you are so right! I've just taken 3 silk blouses to the cleaner due to my general inability to keep them stain-free.
      I'm still determined to learn to wear them though!!!

  4. I have 2 everlane blouses - a collared and collarless. Love both. I took my usual size medium ( my same size in JC). Found the sizing true to the measurements in their size chart. I would buy everlane again rather than equipment.
    I also recently ordered and received a silk blouse from emerson fry. Total love - love the quality, love the packaging, love the fit. Nicer than everlane. Not sure where/how they ship but might be worth looking into...
    good luck on yourr search and looks like you had a wonderful fathers day / first day of spring!

    1. Hi L, thanks so much for the info. Good to hear that Everlane are a good bet - i'll probably get the collarless in xs.
      I had a look at the Emerson Fry ones, and they are lovely. Unfortunately, shipping to Aus is $50!! There is no way I am paying that much for a light blouse, so that counts them out for the moment.

  5. Looks glorious in the park, and I love those yellow cups the kids picked out.
    I find Zara difficult... I look at the stuff so many times, but its such awful quality/ cut that I have an internal dialogue that goes "but it looks good on the hanger and it's really cheap so who cares if it doesn't quite sit right/ but I shouldn't buy it because I'll probably wear it twice and chuck it out for something that fits better/ is nicer quality". The second dialogue almost always wins. Good luck searching for the replacement shirt, I'm devoid of any suggestions on where to source one from though! xx

    1. You're right about Zara. Some items are ok, but the quality is just not worth the $$. That blouse was about $80, which isn't much, but still, the silk just annoys me when I put it on now.
      I'd rather buy a more $$ one that will last me for a few years and that I will enjoy wearing. Equipment ones are good, but not worth the $250 that they cost here.
      I'm pinning my hopes on Everlane!!
      Am also going to have a look in Hugo Boss

  6. Sounds like you had a lovely day. Goodness me a picnic for 15, I hope you didn't have to arrange it all!

    hhhmm silk shirts, I'm not sure actually. I'm surprised Zara's was of a poor quality; I find their clothes are usually quite dependable for that....for the price. I would have said as a second option French Connection or Reiss, but I don't think you have that out there? Sorry I couldn't be of any further help. I tend to shy away from silk shirts because I wear a lot of cocoa butter on my skin!! lo

    1. Hi Colleen, no, thankfully we all brought food and booze, so the responsibilities were shared!
      Zara is a bit hit and miss, I find. Also, I'm more interested in buying classic items that will last me a while, and a lot of Zara items aren't in that bracket. Some things are great, and certainly last a while, but the silk they use is (necessarily) low quality and hasn't lasted well.
      Plus, prices at Zara in Aus are way higher than in Europe, so for the value, I'd rather spend a bit more and get something more special.
      I think that the stuff in Zara in the UK is better, too. For some reason the stuff here always looks more scrappy….

  7. I am with BB and have given up on silk shirts - just put one up on the JCA exchange! Yay to your husband - how fun to have a pinic.

    We loved What Maisie Knew - is it not out on apple tv over there? Have not heard of the one you went to - with have to keep an eye for that. We went to see The Butler yesterday and really liked it.

    I can't speak of Everlane. I know GetFresh has ordered from them, and maybe Fred?

    1. Wendy, as you know, I'm not great with silk either…. but I stubbornly refuse to be put off!!
      As I mentioned above to BB, 3 have gone to the cleaners this week due to body lotion/toothpaste/lunch/perfume stains.
      Really, I should take you and BB's advice and STAY AWAY!

      I just love the feel and drape of silk, though.

  8. Sorry I can't help with Everlane...But I love all things Danish and am going to google about them now! PS love the palm tree pics

    1. The teapot was a Christmas gift from me, so the addition of the cups was a good idea.
      I love all things Danish too. Love going to Copenhagen and people-watching and shop-walking. Illums Bolighus is one of my favourite shops in the world - have you been there?

  9. Wonderful weather! We are enjoying so far a late summer... For silk blouses, I like the Brora ones, but I am not sure at all about the sizing...
    Nordic design is very often great: simple and efficient :-) And yes I agree Illums Bolighus is great...

  10. I have 3 Everlane blouses, the small collared ones with long sleeves.
    luv 'em.