Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New arrivals ..... A tad disappointed

Yesterday afternoon I noticed the new arrivals were finally up on the JC site. I was pretty excited to see them, as I had high hopes for some interesting prints and cool basics. As it was my birthday and I had a 20% off code, I'd convinced myself that a small order might be a possibility.

Hmmm. Good news for my bank account. There's really not much that's my style or budget in the new arrivals. I'm not a fan of pastels - they really don't suit my colouring. Neither am I fan of lace or overly flowery prints. It seemed to me that most of the new arrivals are a combination of the above.
I was really hoping for some paisley prints or darker colours, but most things are pale or neon.

So, only a few things stood out as possibilities, but even these items are too $$, in my opinion.

First, this cardigan. I like the colours, but think it's probably a bit too thin, what is 'gauze' anyway? Also, at $102 on the Aus site, it's a bit pricey.

Next, this shirt. It's distinctly Isabel Marant-ish. Perhaps a bit girly and unstructured for me too. Indigo Floral Popover:

Jewelled sweatshirt. Looks interesting. Really doubt I'd wear it much.

Raffia Stripe pencil skirt. Love this, but doesn't come in Petite sizes, and is a staggering $317!!! I'd want it to cook me dinner for that price!

Finally, this deeply impractical cashmere sweater. For some reason, I reckon this would get worn a fair bit. It's almost neon, if the picture is true to life, and it's really rather garish, but I want this. But not for $335. Really hoping this will be on sale soon. Surely very few people want a day-glo sweater?
So, I guess the sensible options for me are to either use the voucher for either black Minnies or Pixie pants, or be a total saint and Not Use it At All. The jury's out right now. Any thoughts or advice? Thanks for reading!

Monday, February 25, 2013

20% off voucher and impatience

This morning there was an exciting surprise in my inbox: a 20% off code to use on any order at J Crew. The code is 'insider' and is valid until midnight on Sun 3rd of March.
Unfortunately, this is only valid on JC international sites, so no go if you're in the US.
For those of us outside of the US this is pretty good, though, seeing as it almost brings the prices down to their US$ equivalent!

The code throws up a bit of a dilemma for me. I'm not supposed to be buying clothes until the end of March, due to my orgy of spending in Jan/early Feb. however, I hear rumours of an update with new items this week, so it's going to be hard to resist if there are any pieces that I really love. There are also the items currently in my shopping cart... Hmmm. I think I need to wait and see what arrives on the site and try to be disciplined. It's hard not to look at the site when I'm basically house-bound due to the ankle!

Will any of you be ordering with the 20% off code?

I'm also waiting very impatiently for a JC box to arrive. I reckon it should be here by this time next week, but I wish it could magically arrive before the weekend!
The box contains the following items:
Fringed neon necklace

Pixilated houndstooth skirt

pop art tee

I'm really intrigued to see all these items. Fingers crossed that they fit/suit me!

The reason for the long delay in receiving the parcel is that I ordered from the US site to take advantage of the lower prices and the 40% off on the tee and necklace. I had to use a parcel forwarding service, but even with the international shipping and $10 fee, the total was still almost $100 cheaper than the Aus site!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Wish list, questions and ootd

Seeing as my crutches and leg boot are preventing much in the way of style in my life, I thought I'd indulge in a bit of fantasy shopping on J Crew. I often play this game on the Net-à-Porter site, where I add all the items I would love to splurge on to my wish list. It's a futile exercise, as my budget barely extends to the cheapest items on NAP, but still, it's fun to dream.

As we know, the J Crew site doesn't have a wish list function. It's a bit irritating, really. Nevertheless, since ankle surgery, I've spent a fair bit of time adding items to my shopping bag on the JC site. It's highly unlikely that I'll be able to afford the cashmere items below unless they are massively reduced, but I adore the colours.

The Pixie pants are something that I keep almost buying, but I'm a bit horrified at the price. Are they worth it? Any reviews of them? They look as if they'd be quite flattering, but would I be better off buying black Minnies? What do you think?

The blue pencil skirt is another piece I would love, but having already bought the Clover Tweed and the Pixilated Houndstooth (hasn't arrived yet), I'm thinking it would be overkill to get this as well. Unless there's some huge extra % off.

Finally, a pic of today's crutch-friendly outfit: JC blue 5" chino shorts and black singlet. I was also wearing a JC factory cardigan in a flowery print, but it was 29 degrees C so I took it off. By my side is a green Tillary bag bought on eBay.

Hope you're having a fab weekend!

J Crew Collection cashmere windowpane check cardigan

J Crew cashmere shell in microcheck

J Crew Pixie pants

J Crew no 2 pencil skirt

Here's a pic of the cardigan

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Ootd and my new boot

As you can see, I have a stylish new boot! It adds a certain elegance to my outfit, I think!
I'm wearing a J Crew Factory skirt which I bought on eBay. I find the Factory pencil skirts run large. This is a 00 and I had it tailored as it was very loose in the waist and hips. The alterations cost more than the skirt, which is bloody annoying, but c'est la vie. Petite sizes must be cut slimmer than regular I guess.
With the skirt is a Jackie cardigan, M&S singlet and one Nike runner for the good leg. Sunnies are Cutler & Gross from 2007. It's a miracle I haven't lost them or sat on them!
The boot will be with me for the next 5 weeks. No need for new shoes for a while. Sigh.

Any ideas for crutch and boot accessible fashion?
How would you style a boot like this?

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Outfit of the day

Today I am wearing a Jackie cardie in vibrant flame, bought on sale in January. It's an xxs, which tends to gape at the bust when buttoned up. I have another in green in xs which is less gapey, but still a bit. It's annoying, but I reckon the s would be too big elsewhere.

I'm wearing it with a Bassike tee and some old cut-off leggings to accommodate the cast.
It's a glam old time, but at least the red/orange of the cardigan matches my nails!
It is accessorised with crutches!

A slight rant about pricing discrepancies.....

Seeing as I'm wearing another deeply unglamorous outfit today, I thought I'd write about an irritation I have with the pricing policy J Crew has for its international customers. Obviously, I can only write from an Australian perspective, but it makes me cross that the prices we in Australia are charged bear no resemblance to the official US$ to Aus $ exchange rate.
I've been shopping online since 2006, and have a lot of experience with overseas retailers, particularly from the US and UK. In my experience, all of the online retailers I've used, apart from J Crew, use the official Forex currency exchange rate as their method of calculating prices for the foreign market.
This meant that in 2006/2007, products from the US were relatively expensive for Australian consumers, as the US $ was strong compared to the Aus $.
However, in the last 3-4 years, the US and Aus dollar have been almost at the same rate. Today, for example, the US dollar is worth 0.957 Aus dollars.

So, why do J Crew charge us so much more? As you can see, the price difference between the two sites is significant, and during the last 30% and 40% off promos the prices were even more out of kilter, as the additional % off wasn't valid for non US shoppers.
Compare the prices of the two orders from US and Aus sites. They're significant, $80 difference!

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

J Crew sale spending orgy

Over the past 6 weeks or so I've been on what can only be described as a J Crew spending orgy.
It was sparked by the 20% off code I had which expired at the beginning of Feb, and further fuelled by the extra 30% and 40% off sale codes.

First up, the Clover tweed pencil skirt, purchased along with the merino boyfriend sweater with the aforementioned evil, enabling 20% off full-price code:

I got this in my usual J Crew size, 00P. It's tts, I'd say, although possibly a smidgen tighter around the bum than last season's. Or maybe my bum has grown?
I'm wearing it here with a Jackie cardi scored with the extra 30% code, a Wolford black top and L'Autre Chose sandals.
Excuse the glam shots taken in my work loo.

Next is the Merino boyfriend sweater in Warm Peacock. This is an xxs, but its still pretty huge on me. I like the colour and the slouchiness, but would prefer it to be a touch narrower. Still, I'm happy with it. For reference, I'm 158cm (5'1" ish) and about 47kg (100lbs or so).
I'm wearing it with Nudie jeans and Repetto flats in navy, not that you can really see much due to bluriness.

This is the Cashmere boyfriend sweater in green.... Can't remember which green, but it was on final sale with 40% off. This is also an xxs, and I think I prefer the fit of this version compared to the merino one. It's slightly shorter and a touch more fitted, which I think works better on me.

Next is the Collection cashmere herringbone sweater in xs. This is divine! I love the style and fit. I have quite broad shoulders and am blessed (??) with a rather large bust (28DD), so the xxs would have been too tight across the boobage.
It's still hot here now, but am planning to wear this with skirts and boots once it cools down.

Finally, the Double Cloth Slim trench, which I scored with the 40% off. This is 00P, and in all truth I probably could have done with sizing up to accommodate shoulders and bust, but it's totally wearable, a gorgeous colour and will be fine for our mild winters.

Apologies for the dodgy pics - I'm new to blogging about my clothes.