Sunday, April 28, 2013

A weekend at the beach, gratuituous beach shots

We've just spent another long weekend at our friends' wonderful beach house on the South Coast of NSW. The weather was absolutely perfect: 26C and sunny, but cooler overnight.
I broke with my habit of never knowingly being crafty and taught myself to sew blanket stitch! My amazing hostess C spent a lot of the weekend making bedlinen, crocheting a blanket and re-purposing old blankets into dolls' bedlinen for M (oldest child). My talents don't stretch to this degree of creativity, but the least I could do was to add some embellishment to the beautiful blanket that C made:

Photo by C

We went to a couple of different beaches. I'm not supposed to walk on sand, so I couldn't do my usual very long beach walks, but I did hobble down to the water

The boys went rock exploring

As I couldn't do a beach walk, I went beach-house perving instead! I love this house. It's a typical South Coast Fibro house that has had a total tart-up. Simple, but lovely. Also probably worth a bomb.

Another very cool house. It looks as if it's either got squattters in it or is empty and very unloved. Wish I had a spare million $ so I could buy it and bring it back to life! It's got a lovely curved wall.

Pelicans in the bay!

Sunday morning at the beach

M snorkeling

Everyone off for a swim

The dolls' bed complete with crocheted blankets and cushions and re-purposed blanket. Note the blanket stitch!! Not bad for a beginner! C is a master crocheter, she made the blanket in a couple of hours one morning, in between making scones and lemon curd!!

Very cool 'A' frame house that I would also love to buy!

Hope you had a lovely weekend. 

Friday, April 26, 2013

J Crew new stuff and off to the beach again!

We're back at the beach again for a long weekend of eating/drinking/walking and generally relaxing. The weather is utterly perfect: 26 C and sunny, so lots of beach walks are in order.
Some of us are very into crafting, so this weekend's project involves making doll's bed linen and cushions out of old woollen blankets scored at the Op Shop.
I don't have a crafting bone in my body, so while the sewing is happening, I've been reading and doing a bit of J Crew surfing (I also bake some cinnamon oysters this later on)

Here's what caught my eye:

Love this print. The scarf is lovely...

This bag is a great shape, and if I had any $$$ I'd order this.

This cashmere would be a good addition to my winter sweater collection, but it's too $$ so I'll have wait to see if it ever goes on super sale.

Love the big tortoiseshell flowers

This would be a good replacement for an old sweatshirt that I spilled red wine on.

Lovely tree

Love this beach house. If I stop buying clothes for about 65 years I could buy it. I'm not joking. Houses here are insanely expensive. In fact, in NSW in general housing is extortionate.

Rock pools.

And here are the cinnamon oysters I made for morning tea.

Happy Friday. Hope you're having a good day/evening wherever you are.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

New J Crew arrivals and ootd

Once again I was lured in by the extra 30% off sale tricks of J Crew. Today my box arrived and I'm not at all disappointed!

I ordered the lightweight boyshirt in stripe (inspired by Ina, Gigi and Rynetta). I decided on a size 0 and I think it's a good fit on me. I could possibly have gone with a 00, but it might have been a bit tight across the chest. This was a really adventurous order for me, as I rarely wear shirts, preferring knits and non-collared tops. However, I love this shirt and think I'll wear it a fair bit.
Here, I'm wearing it with a daft expression and cobalt J Brand jeans:

I swapped the jeans over here for J Crew Pixie pants, bought on eBay for a steal, and not running shoes! They are tan pumps:

I also ordered the Tippi sweater in Tipsy Parsons print, and this too is a winner. This is an xs, which is a nice, slightly slouchy fit on me. Again, probably could have gone the xxs, but I'd rather risk a larger fit than have tight sweater syndrome. Again, I'm wearing with the usual daft pose and expression, and black Pixie pants:

I love the print - it reminds me of an old wallpaper design. It's a mixture of black, dusky pink and cream. I think it will get a lot of wear with pants and jeans this winter. Also with a couple of skirts

Finally, yesterday's work outfit: petrol blue DVF dress, Jenny Kee scarf, Lover leather jacket and black tights with running shoes.

Any Online shopping moments of weakness for you?
PS if anyone knows how I can get this silly iPad to allow me to insert hyperlinks to other's blogs I would be eternally grateful. I can't be bothered hand coding....

Sunday, April 21, 2013

At the beach

This weekend I headed down South to stay with friends at their beach house. NSW decided to go all tempestuous and moody and rain torrentially on Friday night and almost all day Saturday. There were gale force winds and lots of boats in the bay were washed up on the beach:

 It was very brrr and we went for a brisk walk when the rain stopped for a brief while

No Glamourous outfits for me this weekend:

Then, on Sunday, the sun returned and we went to the beach. The children went swimming, but I don't take my clothes off unless the outdoor temp goes above 26 degrees C, so I stayed firmly clothed.

There's a lot of seaweed washed up on the beach after the storms:

The beach:

Later on Sunday afternoon I made a Yoghurt and Olive Oil cake from The Gourmet Farmer Deli Book (Matthew Evans' cook book from his TV series). It's super easy and took me about 10 minutes to prep and 50 mins to bake. Note I'm wearing a J Crew cashmere houndstooth sweater. It was still chilly!

This was the result. There were 5 adults and 6 children, so the whole thing got eaten within about 10 minutes. It was yummy. I'll definitely be making it again.

Hope you had a great weekend with lots of good food and friends to enjoy it with.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Autumn, outfit and dinner

Autumn seems to be on the way in Sydney. It was a chilly 15 degrees C this morning, so I needed to wear tights. The sky is still blue, but there's a definite feeling of cooler temps to come.
This is the view from the top of my street on my way to work this morning. I'm no photographer. Sorry!

Due to a day of meetings with fairly important people, I tried to look a bit more professional than usual. Hard with running shoes, but I tried. I actually took some proper shoes to put on, but totally forgot about them. I had to walk across campus about 5 times, too, so the running shoes were a total necessity.

I'm wearing a Diane von Furstenberg dress, black blazer from an Op shop (thrift store for N Americans, second-hand shop for Brits), usual black Mulberry bag and runners.

Excuse the shots in my work loo. It's too dark by the time I get home to bother taking photos.

This outfit really did look much better with proper shoes, but I'm sure you're getting used to the running shoes ruining everything.

Meanwhile, it's the school holidays, and my family have deserted me. They've all gone off to our friends' beach house for the week while I slave away at work. Due to my 6 week absence during ankle-gate, I feel too guilty to take more holidays. Plus it's still semester at Uni.
It's not all bad, though, as I'm heading to the beach to meet up with them on Friday afternoon.

So tonight I'm having dinner for one. I roasted a whole load of vegies (asparagus, courgettes, fennel and tomatoes). Chucked in some salmon, capers and about a litre of olive oil and put it in the oven for a while.

I've got a total fennel obsession at the moment. I love it raw, roasted, fried.... you name it. It's so delicious I'd eat it at every meal if I could.

I had a small glass of Pinot Grigio, too.

What food are you obsessed with? Do you rate fennel highly?

Monday, April 15, 2013

An ode to my sandals and an ootd

It's almost the time of year when I retire my sandals until Spring. Sadly, my sandal-wearing season was cut short by the horrors of ankle-gate and its associated cast and crutches.
In honour of my sandals, and in the spirit of shoe porn in general, I'm dedicating this post to my sandal collection:

Front to back: Prada (1996), APC (2010), Prada (2008??), L'autre Chose (2012), APC (2011), APC (2010), Senso (2009), Random Austrian brand (2012), Chloe (2012), APC (2009)

I have a bit of a fetish for medium heel wedges. The only non-wedge sandals in this pic are the black Chloes, bought in the sandal buying frenzy of June - August 2012. I went back to Europe for a couple of months. I bought a LOT of shoes on that trip. 5 6 to be exact.

I tend to buy beige or natural sandals, for their leg-lengthening properties, but occasionally branch out into coral or even red!

As you can see, the highest of my sandals is probably only 9cm.... and I lean towards a maximum of 7cm for everyday wear.

Just as I thought I'd captured all of my sandals, I realised that there are more hiding away that haven't been worn this summer season. I didn't get them all out, but there are 2 pairs of K Jacques St Tropez flats, a pair of heeled Zara gladiator style ones in dark brown, a pair of flat black Prada sandals with silver rings and the (predictably) beige Sigerson Morrison wedges below, that I had forgotten!
I'm sad to put them all away, but will be happy to get them out again in September.

Do you have a particular style of sandal that you buy over and over again?

Finally, today's outfit: J Crew clover tweed skirt, J Crew navy cotton v-neck, Sportscraft scarf, Mulberry bag and Wrangler denim jacket

I'm going to do a post on my winter shoes and boots soon, as I'm getting very excited that I might be able to wear something other than ugly running shoes in the near future!