Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Spring is springing!

September marks the beginning of Spring in the Southern Hemisphere, and Sydney has been showing signs of fertility for the last couple of weeks.
The nights are still chilly, but the days are certainly warming up.
I'm not quite ready to break out the summer duds, but have been attempting to lighten up a little in my outfits. 
This one is perhaps not so light in colour, but note I'm not wearing a sweater!

Equipment blouse, Acne jeans and boots, J Crew bangle, Cutler & Gross sunglasses
With Jenny Kee scarf

Yesterday's outfit consisted of my new J Crew drapey sailor tee, old Zara jeans and Repetto flats.
The J Crew tee has had three washes in the machine already and is holding up very well.

Here's the weather for the rest of the week:
27 degrees on Friday! Yay!
Sunday is Fathers' Day here, so fingers crossed the weather holds for our planned picnic.

Finally, today's outfit:
Old Karen Walker Jacquard blazer, new J Crew Jackie cardigan in Byzantine blue (don't you love the names?) Nudie jeans and APC sandals (Yes, Sandals!! v exciting to be getting these out!)

I love the colour of the cardigan. This is a size xxs. I can wear either xs or xxs in the Jackie style, although the xxs is a slightly better fit around the waist.

Mint green bangle added for even more colour, along with Jenny Kee scarf.

It does sometimes feel strange to be at totally opposite seasons to the North. I'm loving the Autumn stuff in all the media and online, but really won't need any of it 'til next May.

Is it Fathers' Day in your area this Sunday?
Any plans for the weekend?

Friday, August 23, 2013

Quick review of J Crew drapey sailor tee

Yesterday, the J Crew tee arrived:

I got this on sale recently. It's the drapey sailor tee in size xs. I think I could probably have gone with an xxs, but I rather like the slouchy fit.

The fabric is 77% viscose, 15% linen and 8% wool. I was a bit concerned about this mix, but it's actually a very nice fabric, with enough weight to not feel too flimsy. I'm not certain it will be suitable for our summer because of the wool, but it's a great item to wear now and into Spring.

The stripes match up at the seams. It's fairly long when un-tucked (above), and looks fine tucked, too:

Overall, I'm very pleased with it. Not bad for $38 including postage!

If anyone has any reviews of the new sleeveless keyhole top, I'd be VERY keen to hear.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Random pics and new J Crew

This week has been mad, weather-wise.
We've gone from 25 degrees C on Sunday.....

Rittenhouse stripey tank, Nudie jeans and Nike runners. Plus Riesling!

To 13 degrees today. Brrrr!
There was snow in the mountains and the wind chill was very cold indeed.
Luckily I had my blue J Crew coat to keep me warm

After work today, I had a quick peak at the new J Crew Fall stuff.
There are quite a few things that caught my eye, but it's almost Spring here, so I'll probably hold off until the sales later in the year.

I like this tweed fronted sweater:

I can imagine wearing it with black pants, jeans or a skirt of some sort.
Having not seen it in real life I'm not sure how thick the tweed is.

This sweater is also pretty cool:

I'll definitely be stalking this on sale for next winter (if it doesn't sell out)

This sweater below was on my wishlist when the lookbook came out. I even pondered pre-ordering it, but thank god I didn't, as the price in Aus $ is $727.50!!! My flabber is gasted! What an outrageous price!
It does look lovely, though.
J pointed out that it will probably end up on sale too, although it would have to be a BIG price cut!

Another item that I may well buy for Spring is this top:
Anyone seen or tried it?
I rather like this dark green colour. It would go well with my Garden Shade floral skirt.

Finally, here's a picture of a Torta di Santiago I made on Sunday, and the family going for a walk.

Let's hope the warm weather returns soon and that J Crew stop making ridiculously overpriced sweaters.

Post Script. I've just checked on the US website and the tile sweater is 50% cheaper than in Australia!!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

J Crew 30% off sale and Andie colour conundrum

J Crew got me again with its tantalizing extra 30% off sale.
I did a moderate order, mainly items for my offspring and husband. I also bought my wonderful mother a few basics.
It was hard not to throw in a few items for myself:
Drapey sailor stripe tee. I got this in XS. Hope it's not too big....
My old APC stripey tee has finally died, so I'm hoping this will be a good replacement.
Jackie Cardie in Byzantine Blue. Got this in XXS, which tends to be a good fit for me in cardigans. I already have several Jackies, which tend to get worn a good deal in Spring and Summer here.
I also want a navy one, but am too mean to pay full price. Let's hope navy goes on sale soon.
Finally, I'm tossing up on what colour to get in the new Andie Chinos.
I'm tending towards the grey colour, but would love any input from those who've seen these in real life.
I'm planning to get size 00P. Cafe Capris in 00P are too big on my waist and bum, but I'm hoping these are a smaller cut.

Did you buy anything? 
I'd love your thoughts on the Andie Chinos.
Hope you're having a fab weekend!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The rehabilitation of a J Crew Schoolboy blazer

Earlier on this year, during the hot days of late summer in the Southern Hemisphere, I bought the J Crew Schoolboy blazer in purple wool on super sale. I think I paid about $80 for it.
It arrived and I loved the colour and the style. I quite liked the lining, but the buttons annoyed me beyond belief.

Every time I put it on or wore it, the bright, cheap-looking goldness of them would make me uneasy.
I put up with them due to lack of motivation to change them, but I knew that I'd love the jacket Far More and wear it more if I changed them.

Last week, one of the buttons fell off!
This was a blessing in disguise, as it meant I could no longer procrastinate with button-changing.
So, last Saturday, I went to the fantastic button shop in our 'hood, and, with the help of my daughter, chose some new ones.
I'm not one to sew, so the jacket and buttons were duly dropped off at the Launderette, which has a wonderful alterations lady.

I picked the jacket up yesterday, and I'm thrilled to say that I now love it!

I'm sure that some will dislike these buttons immensely.
We almost went for a bright chatreuse colour, but they only had big buttons in that colour, not smaller ones for the cuffs, so red won.

I disliked the original buttons very much indeed, so these new ones make me very happy!

What do you think?
If you own this blazer, have you kept the original buttons?

More to the point, do the wrong buttons (or other details) bother you to the point that you have to change them?

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sort of fancy pants.....

The weekend has flown by again, and Sydney had the most wonderful Spring-like weather: temperatures of 24 degrees C and clear sunny skies.
I picked up my new jeans, which I think are almost fancy enough for Tiffany Rose and Wendy.
Or maybe not....
They're a dark-ish red with a lighter red pattern through them, by a French label called 'Leon & Harper'
I wore them out to dinner on Saturday night with a blue J Crew Tippi and my new Mulberry pumps.

close-up of the fabric in case you don't believe that it's fancy!

Because I'm unable to walk any distance in heels, I wore my runners to walk the 3km to the bus!
And a bright yellow coat....

There's a whole heap of new graffiti in our 'hood. I particularly like this bit:

On Sunday, we went down to Bronte Beach (beach in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, about 20 mins from our house).
The weather was fab, but the water was freezing!
I didn't swim. I don't take off my clothes until the temp goes over 27 degrees C.
My intrepid daughter swam, though!

There's a beautiful walk along the coast in Sydney. You can walk about 12 km past some of Sydney's most well-known beaches: Maroubra, Coogee, Clovelly, Bronte, Tamarama and Bondi 

This is Waverley Cemetery, a beautiful graveyard on the coast near Bronte.

View on the walk from Clovelly to Bronte

Bush flowers... I'm a bit rubbish with names, sorry!

View from the walk towards Waverley Cemetery.

Did you have a good weekend?
Any debauchery or walking?

Thursday, August 8, 2013

J Crew Andie, purple and other stuff....

Another week of too much work and not enough play, but it's Friday, so I'm in an upbeat mood.
This week I came to the realisation that the smallest things can lift the spirit in times of stress and overwork.
I'm not talking about clothes or anything like that (shock!), but the fact that I finally got round to cleaning the windows in our bedroom.
They haven't been cleaned for over a year, so they were pretty vile and dirty.
Anyway, every morning since cleaning them, my spirits are lifted and I experience a sense of deep happiness that they are clean.
The world looks better through clean windows.

Enough of that.
J Crew had a few new updates online this week, which cheered me (sort of) too.
A few things caught my eye:
Collection silk/wool A-line skirt
 I'm  intrigued to read reviews of this skirt. I love an A-line skirt, but am concerned by its length (19"!!!) and the fact that it's wool. We're approaching Spring here, so my wool wearing days are now numbered.
This will be a wait and see item.

Andie Chinos
 Next up is the Andie Chinos, which have been receiving some good reviews on the JCA blog.
I'm very tempted by these, although probably not in that coral colour. I'd probably go for the steel grey.
They come in petite sizes too. I'll ponder these further.
I'm not usually a great fan of chinos. They're too loose and casual for me, but these do look as if they'd be a bit more slim and structured on.
Any thoughts? Have any of you tried them?

Emerald Tweed dress
Finally, the emerald tweed dress. I'm a sucker for tweed, and if this were sleeveless and a cotton blend, I would snag it for sure. I'm not fond of short sleeves, though. Long or 3/4 sleeves would be fine, but for summer here, it would have to be sleeveless.
Anyway, it was fun to have a look at the new stuff, even if most of it isn't particularly fabulous.

Here are a couple of outfits from this week, featuring purple.

J Crew purple V-neck dress, black opaques and suede boots.

With J Crew Punk floral scarf.

J Crew Monarch scarf, grey Country Road knit, black Acne jeans, beige Acne boots and J Crew Schoolboy blazer in purple:

Are you sick of seeing my scarves with every single outfit yet?
I'm not.

I hope you've had a good week.
Any reviews of new J Crew items?
Any items on your wishlist?
Do you love clean windows too?

Sunday, August 4, 2013

A long week....

Phew. It's been a long and busy week, which got off to a rather bad (or should I say dusty) start last Sunday.  I had a Very Big night last Saturday, which left me unable to get out of bed at all on Sunday. Back in the day, I was able to drink the night away with very few ill effects the following day. Unfortunately, those days have gone. Some time around my 42nd birthday, my drinking fitness took a plunge and is now very pathetic indeed.
Anyway. Let's just say that last Sunday and Monday I wasn't at my best!
The rest of the week passed in a rushed, busy and generally blah sort of a way.....

This weekend I've been far better behaved, and despite hosting a dinner here on Saturday night, I managed to refrain from binge-drinking and so have a pleasant, hangover-free Sunday.
Last night's outfit wasn't super exciting, but it was comfortable and featured my new shoes:

Sorry for the incredibly dorky expression on my face.
J Crew crystal compilation necklace, Skin & Threads* cashmere sweater, Nudie jeans and Mulberry pumps.
(* this sweater is fabulous - great quality, soft, non-pilling cashmere. SO much better than my J Crew cashmeres)

Meanwhile, Sydney has been doing what it does best: beautiful weather and ridiculously warm days, coupled with very cold nights and mornings.
The blossoms are out in our 'hood:

Magnolias on the trees:

It's still mid-winter, though, so I doubt these balmy days will last.

On Monday night we all went out to the Enmore Theatre (venue just up the road from our house) to see 'Of Monsters and Men'.
They're a band from Iceland who play happy, poppy tunes that my kids love. It was an all-ages gig, so the whole family went.
The kids loved it - we were in the front row of the balcony, so great views and no danger of getting stamped to death in the (very gentle) mosh pit!

Finally, in case you were missing my blurry loo shots, here's a couple to keep you going:

APC stripey sweater, Country Road dress worn as skirt, Trenery scarf and Lover leather jacket

J Crew blue cashmere boyfriend sweater, J Crew scarf (!) Nudie jeans, Acne boots and black Helmut Lang jacket over arm.

I hope you had a splendid weekend and didn't over-indulge in booze!