Monday, September 30, 2013

A very good film and oote

This weekend we had a relaxing time at home, with trips to the local swimming pool, dinner and a film up the road, and a big Sunday lunch with family.

The film we saw was very, very good. It's called 'Stories we Tell', and it's a documentary about the impact of a mother's life on the family that she leaves behind.
It's a beautiful and, at times, very funny film and I highly recommend it.

Here are a couple of action shots J took of me on the way to early dinner at an Izakaya before the film.

I'm wearing J Crew Andie chinos, J Crew drapey sailor tee, J Crew necklace (eek what a JC whore!), old denim jacket and v old shoes from LK Bennett (bought circa 1997).

In other clothes related news, I went to my local boutique Pretty Dog and tried on a few new seasons items. I LOVE this Gary Bigeni top. It's silk, and has an open back. The fabric is beautiful. I love Pretty Dog and the labels Tanya stocks - Gary Bigeni is a local Sydney designer who makes the most fantastic drapey silk items. 

I'm pretty certain that I will end up buying this blouse.... it goes perfectly with so many of my summer clothes and would add a bit of brightness to my older items.
What do you think?

On Sunday there were hundreds of vintage bikes on King St, Newtown, just up the road from our house.
Lots of the riders were wearing old tweed suits and smoking pipes! It was fun to watch.... I love old Triumphs!

Later on Sunday we had a big lunch in our tiny back yard, with various friends and family. Altogether a perfect weekend!

How about you? Have you seen 'Stories we Tell' or any other good films?
Did you have a good weekend?

Thursday, September 26, 2013

A few outfits and another pair of Andie chinos

It's almost the end of September - I can't believe how fast this year is going.
This month I've bought three items:
J Crew keyhole top (worn below) and two pairs of J Crew Andie Chinos. One in fatigue green and one in navy.

The weather has been very hot and windy.
Here's a blurry shot of one day's outfit.

J Crew silk keyhole top, DVF skirt, L'autre chose sandals and Mulberry bag

Another day... This came out rather yellow.

Black Wolford top, black Helmut Lang skirt, yellow Cos cardie and APC sandals

Finally, navy blue Andie chinos which arrived on Tuesday.
They are a nice dark navy, and seem to be about 2cm longer than the green ones. Either that or my legs have shrunk!.
Pictures are rubbish, sorry. 

Andie chinos worn with old kids' Isabel Marant blouse bought in 2009 from some posh kids shop in London. It's age 10 in case you were wondering!
It's a beautiful semi sheer silk chiffon with slight ruffles down the front. 
I stalked the adult version but they didn't have a my size on sale, so the kids one seemed a great compromise and was MUCH cheaper!

 It's quite short, but I don't mind that.

Do you ever buy kids' clothes? 

Happy weekend everyone!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sort of 'off grid'

Apologies for my absence and lack of comments and visits in the world of blog.
We escaped for a 5 day break at the beach.

Although there is Internet access at our friends' house, I decided to have a bit of a break from screens and see if I could go sort of 'off grid'
Of course, I didn't really go off grid at all.... 
But I did cook, eat and and drink a lot!

salmon pasta

We went on lots of long walks and perved attractive beach houses. I love the one above. 
I wish I could go and have a good look inside it....

D, aged 8, made this cake almost all by himself:

It was very delicious indeed!

J and G (the older boys in the house) enjoyed manly pursuits such as chopping wood and behaving like pyromaniacs.

I had to hide the axe (named 'the Pope') under the bed after a certain number of beers had been consumed, for OH&S purposes.

I'm pleased to say that there were no injuries.
Dinner was cooked over a home made Hibachi:

The fruits of the boys' chopping labour:

The fire and the hibachi:

I actually went swimming! The weather was a warm 27 degrees, so I braved the surf for about 1 minute! 
The water was freezing!!

Sadly, we're now back home and I'm back at work. J and the kids are on hols for another 10 days and I am not a little jealous....

Hope you had a good weekend.
Any adventures or travels?

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

J Crew Review: Andie Chinos

On Monday I received the J  Crew Andie Chinos in Fatigue.
I ordered them way back in August, but they were back-ordered in my size.
I'm very pleased to report that they may well be my trouser Nirvana!!!!

For reference, I am a petite 157cm (5'2"). I usually wear P00 in J Crew bottoms, but Cafe Capris are too baggy in P00 around my flat bum and skinny hips.

I was a touch concerned that these pants would be the same, but they fit me almost perfectly!

I'd say that they run small to size for J Crew pants - great news for someone like me!!

Here are some pics. I must apologise for the terrible quality.

Worn here with J Crew cotton sweater in navy and Repetto flats.

My only slight gripe would be the length. I'd prefer a couple more cm longer, but I can probably let the hem down.

Here's a slightly better pic:
J Crew Schoolboy blazer, Drapey sailor top, Andie chinos and Acne Pistol boots

As you can see (I hope) they fit well in the legs and the hips, which is often an area that doesn't fit me well.

The fabric is a good, thick cotton that held its shape all day yesterday with no sagging in the posterior.

A few more pics showing them with different shoes.

And a Jackie cardigan.
I know it may seem as if all my clothes are from J Crew, but I promise you they aren't!!

Anyway, the outcome of this is that I'm going to order some in dark grey too!
They are such a good fit. I really hope that J Crew continue to make them. I would love some black ones too!!!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Busy weekend, 'vintage' J Crew??

It's Autumnal again here, after a week of very warm weather.
The weekend was rather busy:
Swimming lessons, followed by a revoltingly super-sized frozen yoghurt.
Is it me, or is frozen yoghurt taking over the western world? In our suburb there are currently 6 frozen yoghurt shops, all claiming to provide 'healthy' snacks.
As if! Low fat and full of high fructose corn syrup.
It's a recipe for type 2 diabetes if you ask me....

I'd far rather boycott the bloody places altogether, but my youngest rascal begged, so I gave in.
It was pretty horrid really, but the Kinders enjoyed it.
Next time we'll mix our own Plain, Full Fat yoghurt with some fresh berries and freeze it ourselves.

Is your area overun by vile fast-food outlets claiming to provide healthy food?
It really does infuriate me.... no wonder kids and people in general are getting fatter and fatter!

Evil sugary dessert masquerading as health food
After the sugary hit, we attempted to clean the house.
Saturday night was spent at a friends' dinner party (no pics, sorry).

On Sunday, we went on a bit of an adventure to another friends' holiday house.
They have a house on a beach that is only accessible via the water. No cars - bliss!
It's in the middle of a National Park, so lots of Brush Turkeys, Lyre birds and other wildlife.
We set off early and got a ferry there.

There were about 10 of us there for a day of hiking, BBQ ing and merry-making.

The children caught a couple of fish, too, which was very, very exciting!

Finally, a couple of outfits from last week.
First, one featuring 'vintage' J Crew!
I got this cardigan on Ebay a couple of years ago before J Crew shipped internationally.
I have no idea how old it is - obviously it's not really vintage at all, but do any of you have any idea from what year it might be?
(Scroll down for a close-up)

J Crew tee, Zara jeans, Repetto flats

It's a fine merino wool, with beautiful diamonds in green and blue. I love it! I wish they did more printed cardigans like this!

I also love the print of the Tipsy Parsons sweater, which I wore on Friday:

Hope you had a great weekend and stayed away from evil yoghurt shops!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Review of J Crew silk keyhole top and Everlane silk blouse

This silk keyhole blouse has been available for a while now on the J Crew site.
It was one of those things that I noticed immediately, as the colour looked interesting, and I love sleeveless tops for our summer.
I held off buying it for 3 weeks, then it went on promo, and the extra 30% off worked too, so I ordered it. I've been really hoping it was a good fit and that I liked it in real life, as often when I get really excited about things they can disappoint.

I'm glad to say that I'm not at all disappointed and am love with it!

I got size 0 Petite, as I'm quite short-waisted, with a relatively large bust.
It's loose, but not too overwhelming:

Sorry for the blurry and unglam shots. Needs must.
It looks good with jeans.

And also with my trusty Gardenshade floral skirt.
The fabric is a drapey chiffony silk. It's lined with poly (boo), but has bra keeps (hurrah).
Some have mentioned that they find the buttons at the back annoying and fiddly to do up, but I must say I didn't have an issue with them.

The keyhole is a little low. I think I may have given my colleagues a bit of a shock today, as cleavage was certainly visible. Oh well.

Loo pic so you can see it in a different light. I seem to have the most awful smug expression on my face!

One more shot with jeans and pumps, with the patented J Crew side tuck going on ;-)

The other item that arrived was an Everlane blouse that I got on Ebay for a Very Good price:

You may remember that I was moaning about the shocking quality of my Zara blouse a couple of weeks ago. 
I had read some good reviews of Everlane, so thought I might give their silk blouses a go. HOwever, they don't ship outside of the US and Canada yet, so it seemed a bit of a risk to go through the faff of using a shipping forwarder.
I did a quick ebay search and the shopping gods must have been smiling on me, as there was one in my size ending the following day!

This is the collarless version in pale grey, in size xs.

It's a bit wrinkled. I don't iron....

What are your thoughts?
I know the J Crew top has had mixed reviews, but I like it a lot. It will get a lot of wear this Spring/Summer, I think.