Monday, January 6, 2014

Back from hols

I've been absent from the blogworld for almost a month for a couple of reasons:
1) I was struck down with a lurgy on Christmas Day which wiped me out for the following 3 days. This was almost certainly due to being totally burnt-out from the silly season and the end of the working year.
2) We escaped to the beach for a week and I didn't really look at a computer for the whole week, although I did take pics and spam instagram!

I'm now back at work, but am still feeling very slow from our very restful trip to the beach.
Here's a summary of the last 3+ weeks.
Warning. This post has a LOT of photos. 

We finally got a tree on 22nd and put it up. Lots of presents, although I'm still waiting for my gifts from J, as he ordered them from the UK and the post has been very slow.

Here are some of the presents. Lots of lovely smelly things and books.
On the morning of the 25th I was struck down by some awful lurgy and spent the next 3 days in bed sleeping. I didn't even have the strength to read, although I did manage to eat some cake....

New Year.
We went down South to the beach for a week.
The weather was perfection: not too hot, but warm enough to swim every day, and go on long walks.

Our friends' beautiful house. C crocheted that rug below. She is super creative!

There were 3 families in the house for the New Year. 6 children and 6 adults.
The children had a great time with sparklers:

The adults indulged in lots of oysters, prawns etc, but I forgot to get good pics.
We also played bowls:

C also crocheted us a throw in the most beautiful colours:

I read a couple of good books. The Psychopath Test is a very interesting and humorous read. I managed to get through it in one day - such a rare treat to have the time to read ALL DAY!!!

Other books on the go, most of which I got for Christmas. I haven't started 'Far From the Tree' yet, but the others are in progress. The David Crystal book 'Spell it Out' is about the quirks of English Spelling, and I highly recommend it if you're interested in language/linguistics.

Finally, shopping.
In October I decided to give clothes shopping a bit of a break, and I'm pleased to say that I haven't bought any clothes at all since the end of October. I did get a scarf for Christmas (the one I wanted!), but apart from that, no new items have been acquired!

I'm sure the urge will return, but it's been pretty easy to resist so far.
I wish I could say the same for shoe shopping. But I'll post about that another time....


  1. Glad to see you posting again(even though i saw your pics on IG),
    Cant wait to see your new shoes:)
    I did spent a lot of money in dez on clothes/accessories and really should take a break or slow down.It really is hard in the land of plenty:)

    1. Thanks Ina - IG is much easier for day-to-day keeping up - love your IG for that reason!
      I'll do a new shoe post later in the week !!!
      It must be very hard in the US not to spend spend spend. There are just so many sales and it seems to be a very big part of everyday life to shop. It's quite easy here as there really aren't the shops and sales to tempt one!
      Plus I delete all the offers in my inbox!
      J Crew hasn't really had much I like recently either, seeing as it's summer here. Winter is my time of temptation!

  2. Happy new year and welcome back although I do follow your pics on instagram anyway! Glad you feeling better but it seems a very common time to get sick - it is all too much with parties etc...Will add those books on to the reading list Ruth. PS you must give us pointers where to go bc I want to go to Sissinghurst gardens proper in the spring time and would love to know all the insider places there later on! Good for you re shopping ban as well ;)

    1. Thanks N! Happy New Year to you too!
      I'll have a think about where to go near Sissinghurst and email you soon, although I moved away from the area in 1988, so it's been a while!!

  3. I have been investing heavily in clothing...
    But welcome back!
    Happy new year xx

    1. It's a good thing to 'invest' in clothes from time-to-time! I just needed to have a bit of a break, as the online shopping was getting to be a bit too much of a habit.
      HNY to you too - just about to pop over to your blog - I'm very behind in my reading of blogs

  4. Welcome back! Sorry you were felled for a bit but seems like all is back in the pink! I am on a no shopping ban as of jan 1, vowing to buy nothing until march at earliest. Not even going to the sites, so you are inspiring me!

    1. Thanks Wendy! I missed everyone, al†hough I do think it's a good thing to have a break from the screens every once in a while. Good on you for the shopping break. It really isn't too hard, but I think the main thing to do is to not look at emails or read too many shopping blogs!
      Having posted this yesterday I'm afraid I fell off the shopping break wagon rather badly yesterday night, all due to an email from Net-a-Porter!
      I'll post about it later in the week, but it just goes to show how susceptible I am!

  5. Glad that you are back and feeling better! Can't wait to see your new shoes as shoes are my weakness.
    Happy New Year!

    1. Hi A, HNY and thanks for commenting. I'll get my act together and do the promised shoe post later in the week. Shoes are hard to ignore....!

  6. Happy New Year. Glad you got away for some fun and relaxation. It is freezing here today and all I can think of is vacation...somewhere warm and tropical.

    1. OOh BB, you should hop on a plane over here!
      It's super warm (although not so much today) and sunny!
      Wishing you warmer weather soon!

  7. Ruth sorry to hear about the lurgy but good that you could rest up! I can't imagine a beach as it is -30 here today. So cold the schools are actually closed. No way am I going outside. Good for you on the no-clothes-shop. The longer you go without the easier it gets!

    1. Woah! -30!!! I can't imagine how cold that is! Stay warm - I think the only time in my life I've been in weather that cold was when I lived in Russia. It was ridiculously cold, and I avoided going out as much as possible. Strangely enough, Russians tend to overheat their houses and public spaces, so even though it was freezing outside, I remember it being sweaty hot inside. Mad!