Monday, July 14, 2014

The past month

Apologies for the silence. This past month has been hard. My father is still in hospital, and it doesn't look as if he will be home any time soon.
He broke his neck at C5, then had emergency surgery as he was suffering severe stenosis from C2 to C7. He is still unable to move much, and can't swallow so is being tube fed. It is all pretty awful, really. My poor mother is terribly stressed, but being of a stoic nature, we're all staying as positive as possible and trying to take each day as it comes.

Shallow though it may seem, I cheered myself up a bit after the initial trauma by buying some new shoes from the Matches sale. I'd been stalking these mid heels for some time, so once they hit the right price, I swooped:

Nicholas Kirkwood bling shoes.
They make me feel a bit more positive during these rather dark days.

Apart from that shoe moment, I've not really thought about clothes much over the past 4 weeks.
However, we did manage to go away for a week. We had planned this trip a while ago, and I thought I might have to cancel and let the rest go without me.
However, my mother insisted that I go, and as it's only 3 hours away from Sydney, I decided to take her advice. She is a very strong woman!

Happily, my father remained stable and I managed to relax for a while. To be honest, it was a real relief to have some time away from the hospital, as apart from work, I've mainly been there since his accident.

It was a beautiful week away. The weather was cold and sunny, and we did a long bush walk every day.
The South Coast is a perfect place to decompress and take stock of life.
We went with another family and our very close friend, so there was a lot of eating and drinking too. At one point we had other friends staying nearby, so there were 13 of us in total.
We celebrated two birthdays while we were there. A 49th and a 12th.

Rock Walking:

Now I'm back to reality and am steeling myself for a period of extreme stress.
Our renovation is due to start next month, so we need to find somewhere to live.

Please spare a positive thought for my father's recovery. Or peaceful passing.