Monday, October 20, 2014

Walls going up!

My already limited time to blog has been compromised further because The Internet in our rental house has run out! EEK!

So, I have about 5 mins to get this up before I write a report.

The walls are starting to go up:

View from one  of the new bathrooms out to the kitchen area
It is looking tiny! 
But it's fantastic to see some changes happening, as we'd started to despair of anything ever happening.
In Grand Designs it always appears as if builders are on site every day beavering away, but I rarely see anyone on our site.....

Wall to the right is the small bathroom wall.

A pic of an outfit I wore to work:

Acne blouse, Isabel Marant pants, Cos cardie, Nicholas Kirkwood pumps

This shows the size of the small bathroom. It will house a shower, loo and tiny washbasin. It's very, very small..... luckily none of us are big people!
The architect assures us that it won't be too small.
Luckily, the other bathroom will be bigger, although not much.

The aqua theme seems to be popular with the builder - it will be covered up, and the door will go.

Beginnings of the wall to the small bathroom
On Saturday I went shop walking and tried on a few cocktaily outfits.
I'm craving new posh clothes.....
This dress is by an Australian designer called Bianca Spender. The Shop Assistant got very excited that the size 4 fitted me, but as you can see, it's a very unflattering length and the shoulders were too high - even though it's a small size, it's still cut for someone taller and longer than me. It would have needed tailoring through the body and hips, taking up and it's just too much of a faff.
Not to mention the fact that it was beyond my budget, and I've already bought a new party outfit for this silly season (a post on that later)

Fun to try things on, though.

On Sunday we blew the budget and went out for Brunch to a local cafe called 'Illi Hill'.
It was the best cafe food I've had in ages. All the produce is seasonal and (if possible) local.

These hotcakes were utterly delicious: poached saffron pears, labne and pistachio.

View from the back yard to the new kitchen and living area. I really hope it'll be finished on time, but I seriously doubt it will. We're now facing the fact that from 21st December we will be homeless.
Any suggestions?!

How was your weekend?


  1. Heidi was right, we're both looking out for fancy party clothes, it's a side effect of renovating!
    Oh my gosh will you really not be able to move back in? That builder needs to start working around the clock as though he's on a reality tv show. Stay strong Ruth, hopefully it will all be sorted!xo

    1. Agree!! All these party clothes mean you two are definitely in renovation mode. I have so many party clothes waiting to come out that I haven't bought a single thing this year in that category.
      As for the builder - tell them you're moving back in on x date. That usually gets them moving (as do promises of cash bonuses if they finish on time).

    2. Thanks for that advice Heidi. Don't think we'll be able to follow through with a cash bonus ($50 perhaps??!) but will give him a nudge.

    3. Hi Dani, so funny we're on party frock track.... I seriously have no idea when I'm going to frock up. This silly season is looking rather quiet. Probably a good thing.

  2. The foundation, pad, and such seems like a slow go but it should really start picking up in pace soon. It is amazing what a six pack of beer does for construction workers. Just saying...make sure they get towards end of day. You look lovely. I would say cruise around the world when homeless but honestly, the squeaky wheel gets the oil in home renos...unless bad weather is involved, then you're shit out of luck. Hang in there baby. It will all be worth it.

    1. Thanks T. It's all just too much, really. I can't get too stressed, though.
      We're almost never there when they are, so no chance of beer.

  3. Love the post! Why aqua? Funny..nuances spender? That name real or sublimal marketing? Aussie brunches are the best. Keep the faith!!

    1. The aqua is for termites (treated timber to keep them away hopefully)

    2. Aha! That's good to know. It's a bit odd seeing the aqua wood and door.

  4. Oh, dear. Well, you're obviously not stress-eating, you look lithe and lovely.

    During the renos on our current apartment, we stored our furniture and lived in (1) the beach house, but after 6 weeks the 3-hour commute each way got to us, (2) a 30-day sublet in what was basically a college dorm, (3) a corporate apartment made available by a compassionate client, (4) another corporate apartment, (5) my sister's spare room, which aggravated her cat.... All because of construction delays and errors. If I have to renovate again, I will live in a tent on the site.

    So you have my heartfelt compassion, and I hope the pace picks up.

    1. Thanks Fred. I'm hitting the bottle a little more than usual, but not the food! I lose my appetite when I'm stressed....
      Your reno movements sound very complicated and stressful. It's a bloody annoying old time. We may yet end up in a tent.

  5. I hate house renovations and contractors never complete them in the promised time. I feel your pain. I was 8 months pregnant and my house wasn't in move in condition as promised. It was supposed to be done 2 months prior, but the contractors were hardly ever at the house working. Our rental was running out and you can imagine how I felt. My sympathies my dear. I hope that you can light a fire under their bums and perhaps extend your current lease as well. Best of luck to you. I shutter remembering those days.

    1. Oh A, how annoying! It must be so awful when you're pregnant/have a new baby - at least we're not in that position.

      A message has been sent to the builder telling him that we're moving back in on 21st December. We will see what happens. He has great references, so I'm sure he'll do his best.

  6. Ruth, sounds like your workers apprenticed on Chicago area road construction projects. The dress was a bit long but that print looks good on you...and you know I like the updo. Looking forward to this new party outfit.

    1. Hi GSL, thanks for your words. The print was awesome, cut ok, but length very dowdy. I'll try to get some pics of the party outfit up soon. My blog discipline has disappeared, I'm afraid.

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