Monday, June 16, 2014

Family matters

I'm going offline for a while due to a family crisis.
My 82 year-old father fell down the stairs in their house on Friday and has broken his neck at C5.
While he's stable and in no danger, I need to withdraw from blogland for a while to support my mother and him.

I'll be back once things are clearer in terms of prognosis.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Long weekend

This past weekend Australia had a long weekend due to the Queen's birthday. I'm no Monarchist, but this time of year I appreciate the old girl for having a birthday that we can celebrate.
It is ironic, though, that we don't get a public holiday in the UK.....

Our weekend was spent socialising and eating (what's new?)
On Saturday, we took 6 teenagers to the Aquatic Centre for M's 13th birthday party. I was dreading having to spend 4 hours in a hot, sweaty and noisy environment, but in fact it was almost empty and not too noisy at all.
I managed to read a lot of a book, and the time passed quickly.
M and her friends had a great time.

Outfits from last week. It's been chilly and wet, so trousers are in order:
Grey Country Road sweater, black Acne jeans, Acne boots, red J Crew scarf. Black Country Road sweater, grey Isabel Marant cords, black Acne boots and Andeol scarf. Same sweater, green Zara jeans, Acne boots and Jenny Kee scarf. hmm. there's a bit of a theme going on here...

And a couple of skirt outfits:

APC stripey sweater, new black velvet skirt. Black Country Road dress with J Crew herringbone sweater and green J Crew scarf.

In other news, M can now borrow my jeans:

They're a bit too long, and are a much looser fit on her, but it's great to see her stealing my clothes!

Apart from M's birthday do, we went out for big family Malaysian lunch at Pappa Rich.
I had Rendang and Sambal prawns with Biryani rice. V delicious indeed! I'm on a bit of an obsessive Malaysian food kick at the moment. I had laksa for lunch yesterday and the day before. Something about the combination of chillis, coconut milk and fermented fish paste just hits the mark in winter.
What's your food obsession right now?

M wasting money at an evil games centre - I despise these places!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Skirts and booze

Another weekend over. It was a big one, with a friend's 50th birthday party. The Herve Leger dress got an outing, but we forgot to take any pics. Now we have a few weekends of not too much going on, and a holiday coming up in July.
All of these celebrations have made me realise that I'm not nearly as drinking fit as I used to be.
In the good ole days, I could handle booze far better: a big night (like A's party on Saturday) would have given me a bit of a headache, but I'd have been up and about and almost fully-functioning.
Yesterday, however, I'm sorry to say that I stayed in bed 'til 10:30, then lazed around the house complaining until 3pm. Shocking!
I need to get on a drinking fitness programme quick smart. I'm thinking a couple of gins a day and a glass or two of wine. That should get me back in shape!

Anyway, as promised, here are some pictures of my two new skirt purchases. 
Up first is the el cheapo TopShop one, that I ordered as an extra with M's birthday clothes so that we could get free shipping.
It's a jersey tube skirt, so nothing too posh. I like the pattern, but am a bit cross that it doesn't match at the seams. Nonetheless, it's a useful skirt, and it cheered me up to have a new skirt!
I got it in Petite UK 6, and the fit is great.

Next skirt was bought in a second hand shop. It's black velvet! I don't know about you, but I am a bit of  a sucker for velvet. Cheap, shiny synthetic velvet is a total horror, but I love a bit of high quality velvet. I once had a pair of olive green velvet pants that I wore until they were threadbare.
This skirt is made of a very thick cotton velvet - seems to be great quality. It's very high-waisted and fitted:

Not sure if you can see it so well in my terrible selfies. I'm wearing it with a grey J Crew tee, not very glam, but I'm sure I'll be a bit more imaginative in future wearings.
It's a bit cocktail-y, but I'll be wearing it for work.

Outfit from last week. Frame denim jeans, Everlane blouse (how I wish Everlane shipped to Aus. I LOVE their silk blouses), Jenny Kee scarf and Ferragamo old lady shoes.

What do you think about velvet? Are you a fan or not?
Can you drink or are you a total cheap date like me?
Any suggestions for getting my drinking fitness back?