Sunday, September 21, 2014

Renovation update

As promised, a few pics of our renovations.
A bit of background: Our house is an early Edwardian Terrace in Sydney's Inner West. It was unrenovated, with a long, narrow kitchen, leading to the bathroom (which used to be outside!) and then a very ramshackle laundry out the back.
Although it was full of character and we loved it, it really wasn't very practical for a family of four, and was very dark, even in summer
Here's a visual of the kitchen and the door to the bathroom.

We are having the whole of that back part knocked down, and are re-building it to be the full width of the block. It will house 2 bathrooms, a kitchen and a small living area to the rear, which will look out onto the very, very small backyard. There will be a laundry incorporated into the new structure, too.
Our land size is very small, typical of the area where we live.
The works started at the end of August, while we were in Bali. This was the view from the back laneway upon our return:

You can see the demolition that took place. We aren't living in the house, as there's no water, kitchen, bathroom or electricity.

The view from the back laneway. The laundry is being demolished.

Think I've posted this pic before, but this shows the remains of the old kitchen. The aqua door is a temporary one which leads to the front part of the house which isn't being altered.

Here's a pic I took yesterday. As you can see, the whole structure has now gone, and the plumbing has gone in. We're ready to pour the slab!

We are also 'lucky' enough to have a tree that was deemed 'heritage' by our local council.
It's a massive gum tree, about 30m tall, which is totally wrecking the foundations of many surrounding houses, not to mention our house and yard. However, it is of vital importance to the area, so even though it presents a major risk to houses and people, it Must Stay. 

I dread to think how dangerous it will be if there's a storm or anything to cause it to drop a branch.
Sometimes the lunacy of councils astounds me..... I love trees and embrace them in our area, but this one isn't suitable for the very built-up environment that we live in.

Finally, here's a rather bad pic of me in a very green outfit:

Green and blue J Crew cardigan, Green Cedric Charlier skirt, Nicholas Kirkwood shoes.

Hope you had a great weekend.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Floral skirt etc

I'm tentatively dipping my toes back into the blogging world. Work seems to be taking up a huge amount of time and energy, as does sorting stuff out in general. The renovation is coming along - pics of that later in the week if anyone's interested.
For now, here are a couple of Spring-like outfits.
A lot of my clothes are in storage while we live in our rented digs, so I'm trying to be creative with my basics.
In addition, my budget for clothing is zero this season, due to renovations etc.

Anyway, here's a basic outfit consisting of Frame denim jeans, old Acne shirt, and newish Nicholas Kirkwood pumps:

This outfit is very 'new' for me. I usually steer well clear of full skirts, as I think they overwhelm my frame. However, this floral skirt arrangement (Karen Walker current season) was one of my last purchases before the Great Budgetary Restrictions kicked in. I have an abundance of pencils skirts, so this seemed like an interestingly different addition.

It has a 50s vibe, and I'll wear it with pumps or sandals once Sydney picks up its weather game. For now it's a bit chilly to get the legs out:

Karen Walker 'Scorned' skirt, old denim jacket, Daniele Arancani boots, Mansur Gavriel bag.

Without jacket - it's a big skirt!

Close-up of the fabric - it's a heavy curtain-like material with lovely mosaicy patterns.

What's your take on full skirts? Yay or Nay?

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Thank you and renovations

It has been a fair while since I last posted.
After a truly heartbreaking period of almost 8 weeks in hospital, my father died on 4th August.
Despite knowing that he would not survive, it was still the most devastating thing.
Losing a parent is monumental. I miss him so, so much.

To add extra stress to the month, our renovations began:

We have no kitchen or bathroom, so have moved out for the next 4 months or so. It's an understatement to say it has been a bloody nightmare logistically and emotionally.

The one very bright spot in all the stress and gloom was a trip to Indonesia to stay with our wonderful friends C&G.
They moved to Bali earlier this year and have the most beautiful villa, complete with staff.

We spent a very healing and lazy 9 days swimming, eating, drinking and generally indulging.

Pool at the villa

Now we're back and trying to adjust to our new life without my father, living in a rented house.
Thank you so much for all your lovely messages since my father's accident. It really warms my heart to have the support of so many people on the Internet.

I won't make any rash promises that the blog will be updated super often, but I am slowly trying to get my life in order and so hope to blog more often!