Monday, December 8, 2014

J Crew drought is over

J Crew was a bit of an addiction for me when they first started shipping O/S in around 2011. Before they had an international site, I'd trawl through their items with great excitement, and almost always found a basketful of items I wanted. I longed whistfully for the day that they'd ship to Australia!

Once they started shipping to Aus, I bought a lot of items, most of which I still wear regularly for work: pencil skirts, mainly, plus the odd cardigan and sweater.

However, over the past 12 months I've almost stopped looking at the site. The designs didn't really appeal and the fabrics were more and more meh.
Beautiful, classic-with-a-twist rich colours had been replaced by dull, droopy overly try-hard fashion.

Apart from boys' Stanton shorts and one skirt, I don't think I've bought anything from there for almost a year.

Until last week.

Matellasse skirt - $59 after a big % discount. It's navy cotton and looks as if it will be flattering with its slighly A-lined yet hip-fitting cut.

I won't be needing this for at least 6 months, but at $104 with extra discounts, it seemed churlish not to order it as a winter staple. 

This was $49 after discounts and will (I hope) be a useful addition to my skirt and top work uniform.
Although it's poly, reviews from Gigi and others suggest it's a decent poly and not too flimsy.

All of the above should arrive within the next couple of days, so I'll try to post some pics and reviews once they do.

Any experience with the above items?
Have you gone cold turkey on J Crew or are you still a fan?

Friday, December 5, 2014

The roof is going on!

There has been a flurry of activity on site this past week.
Finally, the correct windows have arrived.
Below you can see the view from the old part of the house through to the back. The top windows are in, and the concertina doors will be installed next week.

Here's a view from the side of the back of the house, with builders in situ:

The most exciting thing, though, is the fact that the roof is partially on, and the place should be watertight by mid next week!

We're getting really excited about its completion. I doubt it will be this year, but the end is in sight.....(or at least we hope it is!)